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ISSUE 007 - September 2023

Help shape our predictions for 2024

We’re looking for leaders from across the investment community to share their thoughts on how the year ahead, and we’d love your input.

Answer our short survey to become part of our 2024 Investment Predictions Report and get first, exclusive access when it goes live.

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There's still time!

Join us in San Francisco on September 28 for our second annual Campfire conference. Sessions include ‘Finding, funding, and flourishing: expert insights on calculated investing’ and ‘Become an operational hero: set your team and tech up for deal success.’

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Learnings from the behaviors of top VC firm

Top VC firms do things differently. Discover the story behind the data as it relates to network building, dealmaking, and getting ahead in a down market—all revealed through Affinity platform data.

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Life after the investment: How top VCs drive value

When it comes to portfolio value creation, VCs can lead the way with introductions to the best customers, partners, talent, and strategies. But to really optimize portfolio growth, VCs need an approach that’s differentiated, thoughtful, and perceptive.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Cashin, VP at Teamworthy Ventures on how VCs can use strategy and technology to open up vectors of growth—not just packets of opportunity.

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“I call Affinity our ‘relationship ChatGPT’ because it helps us keep track of folks in our network.”

Amira Ouji, Senior Director of Portfolio Success, Revolution

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