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ISSUE 012 - March 2024

Work in growth equity? This is the guide for you!

The industry’s moment is here—Crunchbase reported growth of 10% year-over-year (and 30% from the second to the third quarter of 2023) even while private capital more broadly faces challenges.

2024 holds even more promise. Many of the most viable startups held off fundraising during the low valuation market of 2022-2023, but will soon need to secure additional capital. 

How are you ensuring your firm is poised to source and win these deals?

Start by reading our new guide, with best practices tailored for today’s economic environment on:

  • Using data strategically
  • Managing deals more efficiently
  • Nurturing relationships at scale
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A scientific model for product-market fit

Writing in Forbes, Affinity's CEO Ray Zhou shares his take on why it’s important to apply a scientific approach to finding product-market fit. See how you can help founders validate market potential and establish a solid foundation for future growth and investment.

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Signs investment banks are preparing for a bull market

We asked 350+ investment bankers what they’re seeing for the upcoming year and learned that 69% expect more M&A activity in 2024. We also learned how artificial intelligence is predicted to change the industry and why 53% of investment banks are focusing on expanding their networks.

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Press Play

Building a VC Tech Stack like Future Planet Capital 

As competition in private capital intensifies, dealmakers who invest in agile tech stacks are gaining a distinct advantage.

Check out our exclusive webinar featuring Peter Mitchell, Head of Origination at Future Planet Capital, as he shares valuable insights into building a tech stack that drives success. 


  • How Future Planet’s lead scoring system identifies the most promising opportunities,  saving time and resources 
  • Strategies for using AI, automation, and data-enrichment to make informed investment decisions
  • How Future Planet uses relationships to effectively engage with potential LPs and Co-Investors
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“Affinity is plugged into our workflow, so that when a deal progresses through the pipeline, and ultimately becomes a portfolio company, all those founders and leaders immediately get access to the portal and get access to that knowledge.”

Dave Grenetz, Senior Vice President of IT, GGV Capital U.S.

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