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Simplify your workflows
with robust integrations

Build and manage any complex business workflow with Affinity’s integrations and API.


“Affinity has helped us centralize our CRM efforts in the most automated way. By organizing our pipeline, community, to-do's, and distributing our Alliances to portfolio companies.“

Associate, Crosscut Ventures

Native Integrations

Have you ever experienced a fully filled CRM? With native integrations to platforms like Crunchbase paired with our own proprietary data, Affinity lets you access an arsenal of data about your relationships.
Third Partyintegrations

Third Party Integrations

We pull data from many other public stores in order to enrich 8+ attributes on contacts. You can also integrate platforms to have complete context on your deals.


Crunchbase Integration

Affinity surfaces 7+ attributes from Crunchbase to enrich your data and automatically populate fields such as company stage, industry, and number of employees.

Affinity Algorithms

Affinity's algorithms

Affinity’s proprietary enrichment algorithms scour and learn from millions of web pages to enrich 10+ attributes on your relationships.


Supported Integrations

Affinity allows you to connect with 750+ applications using Zapier. Whether you want to scan a business card, add a lead to a MailChimp campaign, or add notes from Evernote, it’s all possible with Affinity.
Check out our Zap Templates to get started

Open API

The Affinity API has an open, RESTful interface so you can interact with Affinity in more complex ways than the integrations we provide out-of-the-box. We make it easy for you to connect your existing legacy systems to Affinity so you can have one source of truth for all your data
Check out our full documentation here