Why we started Affinity

Our vision is a world where anyone can cultivate and fully harness their network to succeed.
Affinity.co founders, Ray Zhou and Shubham Goel, sitting on a couch

We are building a new kind of infrastructure to power all relationship-driven industries and applications.

What does this mean?

Relationships are the foundation of the world’s biggest industries—those that make the most critical decisions, have the highest impact, and move the most dollars. Almost every opportunity, impact, and dollar of growth can be traced in some way back to a relationship.

Relationships are also one of the few assets that every professional builds over their lives. From students out of college to CEOs of the Fortune 500, few lifetime assets have greater power to change the trajectory of a career or company like your network.

The relationship-driven economy is broken—because the data infrastructure it was built on is failing.

In the late 1900s and early 2000s, relationship management systems made their biggest transition yet: from human memory and paper to digital and in the cloud.

This was innovative for its time, but it has failed at scale. Data is only as good as the human discipline that it takes to maintain it. People hate entering data, which in turn makes that data incomplete and useless.

Because of this, most of the world make decisions about their business relationships by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.

An overlooked secret.

Affinity’s thesis is that these problems can be solved by tapping into a data stream that everyone already owns, but no one is thinking about it.

The majority of the world’s relationship data lives not inside static systems like CRMs, contact books, or social networks, but in our communication streams. This is the single common denominator in the relationship-driven economy: a reliance on universal protocols for communication, like email and calendar.

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The volume of data that Google indexes in one year is approximately the volume of communication data globally exchanged every four hours. This data paints the deepest and most powerful picture of our relationships, but almost all of it goes to waste. No platform is using it in creative and intuitive ways to create value for the world, till now.

Affinity is a full stack company dedicated to solving this technology problem.

Affinity builds the most advanced, high-throughput infrastructure for syncing and understanding data from communication streams and 3rd-party sources.

By classifying and learning from this data, we develop next-generation tools to power all relationship-driven industries and applications.

The Affinity Saga

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