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What is relationship intelligence?

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Relationship intelligence explained

Relationship intelligence is a category of insights about an organization’s shared professional network. It involves analyzing vast amounts of data to reveal overlooked connections and opportunities within an organization’s ecosystem—which helps dealmakers and sales teams find, manage, and close more deals.

For example, relationship intelligence can reveal which of your colleagues knows the Founder of a startup or the CFO at a prospective company. It can also show when they last met, what they spoke about, and how strong their relationship is—all in support of strategic decisions.

Where does relationship intelligence come from?

Professionals in relationship-driven industries like private capital, professional services, and enterprise technology have some of the largest networks in the world. And they receive countless emails, messages, and calendar invites each day, many of which are often discarded. Yet, each interaction contains valuable insights about an organization’s professional network, like who knows whom and the strength and history of each relationship.

Relationship intelligence comes from analyzing this type of communication-related data. Affinity uses AI-driven algorithms to automatically capture, analyze, and enrich your team’s contact and activity data to generate relationship intelligence. The result is a comprehensive database of contacts, engagements, shared connections, and more.

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What is relationship intelligence from Affinity?

Without the right insights about their networks, dealmakers and sellers risk not being involved in the right deal—or not closing it—because they were late to engage or failed to understand the dynamics of the people involved.

The power of relationship intelligence is that it transforms otherwise unusable data into actionable insights about an organization’s network. Some of the relationship intelligence insights Affinity generates include:

A comprehensive log of contacts and engagements that are automatically captured and enriched with deal-relevant data, saving each user up to 220 hours each year in manual data entry.

Quantifiable relationship scores that show who at your organization has the strongest relationship with a prospect and can provide a warm introduction, which can help close a deal 25% faster.

Automated triggers alerting you when the connection to someone in your network is lagging and it’s time to reach out, so you can keep your most important relationships active.

How can relationship intelligence give your team a competitive advantage?

Relationship intelligence can transform the way you work by helping you nurture your most important relationships, identify new opportunities, and increase productivity so you have more time to focus on closing deals. By capturing and analyzing every interaction, relationship intelligence tools enable you to personalize your outreach approach, anticipate needs, and keep your most important relationships active. This ultimately provides an elevated level of service.

Manual data entry is time-consuming and inefficient, and can lead to incomplete and inaccurate customer relationship management system (CRM) data. By automatically capturing and analyzing data, relationship intelligence allows you to create and update client profiles, deliver accurate and centralized records, document conversations, and set follow-up reminders. 

Not only does this make it easier to manage your business relationships, it also gives you and your team more time to focus on higher-impact activities, like finding and closing the best deals.

Find new opportunities

The most successful dealmakers and sellers nurture opportunities by connecting with the right people at the right time. By mapping your organization’s shared network, relationship intelligence helps identify key contacts and surface opportunities that you might have otherwise missed.

Tap into your business network

Relationship intelligence looks across your organization’s shared network and identifies who is best suited to introduce you to a prospect or decision-maker. This type of warm introduction is crucial to establishing initial rapport and can help you close deals 25% faster. It also eliminates the need to ask questions like, “Do we know someone at that company?” or “Who knows the CEO best?”

Close your most important deals

Closing deals successfully isn’t just about who you know—what you know about your connections matters, too. Affinity surfaces key insights about your network and automates people and company records to save users over 200 hours of tedious data entry per employee each year. This gives you more time to focus on what matters the most: your business relationships and closing your next best deal.

Find, grow, and close better deals with a relationship intelligence platform for dealmakers

Relationship-driven industries are supported by outdated, manual technologies—spreadsheets and CRMs designed for short-term, high-volume, transactional sales of services or products. These technologies are insufficient for many. 

By automatically capturing, analyzing, and enriching your team’s contact and activity data, relationship intelligence gives teams access to all of their most essential insights: the people, organizations, and opportunities that make up their business.

With Affinity, every relationship, business, and deal insight can be accessed not just from your CRM but also from your email and browser—allowing you to track your pipeline and updates from wherever you work. Plus, by providing an integrated analytics suite, Affinity allows you to see where your best deals originate and how you can close them faster to get more from your pipeline.

Unlock your team’s relationship intelligence

The most successful organizations are finding, managing, and closing high-quality deals with a relationship intelligence solution that is built to improve the way they build and manage their relationships and deals. Find out how Affinity can do all that and more for your team today.

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