relationship intelligence

What is relationship intelligence?

Relationship intelligence is a category of insights about an organization’s shared business network that drive how dealmakers spend their time finding, managing, and closing deals. These are the insights about your network that tell you who at the firm knows the CEO a startup, whether you have talked to them before, and whether they are a good fit for your investment criteria.
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Where does relationship intelligence come from?

Relationship intelligence solves the problem shared by both dealmakers and the associates who support them. Dealmakers find and close deals. Without the right insights, they risk not being involved in the right deal—or not closing it—because they were late to engage or failed to understand the dynamics of the people involved. Dealmakers have some of the largest networks in the world. They spend most of their time trying to find the right deal to invest in, or the right firm to buy their client, which means they don’t typically have time to make the most of their shared networks. CRMs and other data capture systems were meant to solve this problem, but they’ve created a drain on the time of everyone who uses them. Dealmakers have had to spend hours updating data in those systems, or even worse, deploy them and don’t use them, negating the point of deploying the system in the first place.

Affinity's relationship intelligence is automatically generated by AI-driven algorithms that analyze data from a team’s “data exhaust”—contact and activity information stored in emails, calendar invites, and meetings that is often overlooked and discarded.

These interactions between an organization and every business contact they’ve ever engaged with are then further enriched with additional context from unique industry data.

This combined data is translated into quantifiable relationship scores and insights about that relationship that showcase who would be able to provide a warm introduction (which can close a deal 25% faster) and whether the startup would be a good investment target—all while saving users up to 220 hours each year in manual data entry.

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Find new opportunities

The data exhaust that feeds relationship intelligence ensures that teams never miss important details about their most valuable business relationships. The same intelligence that gets a teammate in the door also ensures relationship management is a collaborative process. Dealmakers who thrive in the relationship economy are able to nurture relationships throughout their careers by connecting with the right people at the right time.

Tap into your business network

Look across your firm’s shared network to find the best path to an introduction that will create or close a deal. Affinity assesses and analyzes every relationship with scores based on real interactions, helping dealmakers pinpoint the right connection to reach out to. No need to ask “Do we know someone at that company?” or “Who knows that CEO the best?". Unify your team’s collective network in one place—automatically—with Affinity.

Close your most important deals and mandates

Closing deals isn’t just about data. The people and relationships that support dealmaking form a complex web of interactions and relationships among peers, colleagues, friends, and business associates. Insights are drawn from every connection in a team’s collective network—from immediate connections to years-old acquaintances and everyone in between. For the most successful dealmakers, it’s not only about who they know—it’s about what they know about their connections that matter.

Close better deals with a relationship intelligence platform built for dealmakers

The relationship-driven economy is supported by outdated, manual technologies—spreadsheets and CRMs designed for short-term, high-volume, transactional sales of products or services. These technologies are insufficient for dealmakers.

Powering CRM platforms with relationship intelligence gives dealmaking teams a centralized source of truth for all of their most essential data: the people, organizations, and opportunities that make up their business.

Intelligent CRM platforms automatically capture your team’s data exhaust, enrich it, analyze it, and convert the raw contact data into relationship intelligence. Easy-to-share, in-depth reporting and analytics empower teams to optimize sourcing, managing, and closing deals over time.

Unlock your team’s relationship intelligence

The most successful firms in today’s market are closing more quality deals with a relationship intelligence CRM purpose-built to improve relationship building and your firm’s timing when acting on key deals and contacts.

Find out how Affinity can do all that and more for your team today.

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