Relationship intelligence for Affinity for Salesforce

Use your entire firm’s network to find the best way to close quality deals

Relationship insights driving deals

Efficient sourcing is critical for successful deals, but it's easy to miss out on a potential opportunity simply by not knowing the right person to engage with a prospect. Unfortunately, most CRMs do not have the ability to automatically generate a collective record of an entire team's network.

Affinity for Salesforce delivers relationship intelligence directly within the workflow of every dealmaker, enabling them to confidently prioritize deals faster with up-to-date relationship information. No more missed introductions or asking around for the right connection.

Find and drive deals from your team’s shared network

Affinity for Salesforce automatically maps and assesses your entire organization's network. Every interaction is analyzed to establish the strength and nature of the relationship, generating insights that drive deals. Empower your team to better understand how to manage relationships with a comprehensive relationship graph mapped across your entire firm’s network of shared relationships—all accessible in Salesforce objects, records, and Affinity’s extensions.

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Source and generate high-probability-to-close opportunities

Affinity analyzes every interaction to establish the strength and nature of your company's relationships. It identifies individuals who know key executives and assesses the strength of those relationships so you know who is the best person to introduce you to your target contact. This approach helps you generate or advance deals by identifying warm introduction paths, which have been shown to accelerate deal closing by 25%.

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Get more visibility into every engagement across teams

Stay aligned with your team and get up to speed on the context of every relationship without having to dig around for the information you need. Affinity for Salesforce provides you with the complete history of engagement with a company or contact, ensuring you have all the necessary context when doing outreach. This essential information is also available in your web browser, email, and directly in Salesforce.

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Shift Sales into High Gear with Relationship Intelligence

Relationship intelligence is the fuel your sales engine needs. Why? B2B sales are in crisis: Cold calling and outreach are being rejected by buyers, marketing is less effective and budget constrained, and the path to decision makers is opaque (even with more sales tech). Relationship intelligence gives you context on how to get the most value from your company's shared network, helps you prospect via warm introductions, and ensures data is up to date and usable.

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Why our customers love Affinity

"Investment banking is nothing, if not, a relationship business, and Affinity is now core to our success."
Rudy Burger
Founder and Managing Partner, Woodside Capital Partners
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"Our clients want to know that we have key access to decision-makers. We’re able to show them this by showing them the core of our CRM system—Affinity. It’s about being honest and truthful—that is what matters to clients."
Mirko Heide
Managing Director, IEG
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"Because Affinity is more intuitive [than our old system], you don’t have to go through a big training program. If we wanted to properly scale our old system, it would have taken up to twenty hours of onboarding training for new team members. Now, everyone is able to use Affinity immediately."
Michael Lamm
Co-founder & Managing Partner, CAS
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