Affinity for Salesforce

Relationship Intelligence driving deals in the world’s #1 CRM

Use your network and automated relationship insights to efficiently find, manage, and close more deals.

Accelerate your deal velocity, eliminate manual data entry, and access key CRM insights from the tools that drive deals

Affinity empowers deal teams to access reliable, regularly updated intelligence about their firm’s growing network of people and companies through Salesforce - and extends these insights into the deal workflow in their browser, email, and calendar. Affinity for Salesforce automates the creation, update and enrichment of records using inbox and calendar activity, derives and delivers relationship insights that help deal teams find warm introductions, discover and respond to new opportunities, and report on the performance of their dealflow and management.

Drive deals with automatically generated relationship insights

Affinity for Salesforce gives deal teams up-to-date intelligence about their entire firm’s network and relationships. Warm introduction paths to the right contact are displayed, alongside deal relevant data, and the full history of engagement your firm has had with a prospect or customers Affinity automatically updates records based on your inbox, calendar, and Salesforce activity, then makes all these insights available in Salesforce, in a browser alongside the website of the firm being researched, or directly in email as deal communications are written.

Improve deal making efficiency with deeper data

Affinity’s relationship intelligence and market data enriches all the contact and company records that drive deals. This is shown in both VisualForce objects on every enriched records and within custom Salesforce fields so that all members of the deal team can use this data throughout sourcing, engagement, and reporting. Additionally, data and platform teams can use this data to drive automated workflows or build relationship focused reporting and analytics.

Find the right deals faster by delivering insights in tools dealmakers use

Affinity for Salesforce addresses this by providing contact, relationship, and deal insights directly in the tools dealmakers use every day: their email, calendar, browser, and in meetings. This is available via specific extensions to Affinity to Salesforce via a Chrome browser and, coming soon, via Zoom meetings. Dealmakers can add notes and update their deal pipeline as they navigate and visit sites like LinkedIn or company web pages directly into the organization's respective Salesforce record

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The CRM Enhancement Guide

Relationship intelligence and automation driving deals

Financial services dealmaking has fundamentally changed with the end of cheap capital and reduced operational and IT budgets. Many firms are questioning whether they are getting a sufficient return from their CRM, deal data, and deal tool investments. Read our CRM Enhancement Guide to find out how to successfully increase Salesforce adoption across the team and maximize the value it can bring to your dealmaking.

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Why our customers love Affinity

"A product that has truly changed the way I work and made me so much more efficient across the team! Amazing and recommend to all! "
Harry Stebbings
Founder, Stride.VC
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"With Affinity, we can easily revisit firms at appropriate times and know what the next steps should be. I’m very excited to see where the product goes."
Henry Jefferies
Associate, Dawn Capital
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"Affinity Alliances truly operationalizes our executive network. I use it every day to better understand the relationships I can leverage across Fidelity."
Alessandro Vigilante
VP Corporate Business Development, Fidelity
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