Eliminating CRM Data Drudgery

Source deals faster, get smart on people and companies instantly, and efficiently prioritize deal flow with a more automated Salesforce CRM

Save your team hundreds of hours of manual work per year

Manual data entry processes can lead to incomplete and inaccurate CRM data, causing sales teams to distrust insights and activity in Salesforce. Affinity for Salesforce automates record creation and enrichment, saving over 200 hours of manual data entry per employee per year. This helps you find and close better deals, as the records are enriched with additional data and insights for every person you interact with.

Eliminate manual contact management

Affinity automatically creates and updates contact records in Salesforce by analyzing your team's emails and meetings. This saves sales teams over 200 hours of tedious data entry per employee per year. With automated Salesforce record creation, you no longer have to worry about missing important information or forgetting to log a person you've connected with.

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Reliable relationship context that won’t slow you down

Overlooking previous interactions with a prospect or missing out on important notes from a previous meeting can jeopardize a prospect’s trust in you and your company. Affinity for Salesforce helps you avoid this guesswork by capturing and displaying the entire history of a relationship. With automated activity capture, your entire team can confidently stay up-to-date with the latest developments in every relationship across your organization.

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Access relationship and deal insights everywhere

With Affinity, you can stay focused on your sales process without having to switch back and forth between different data sources by accessing relevant insights directly in the tools you use every day. Whether you’re in Salesforce CRM, your email, or your browser, you can instantly see which members of your team have a connection with the person or company you're researching, view your team’s previous interactions with them, and access the data you need to make more educated decisions, faster.

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Shift Sales into High Gear with Relationship Intelligence

Relationship intelligence is the fuel your sales engine needs. Why? B2B sales are in crisis: Cold calling and outreach are being rejected by buyers, marketing is less effective and budget constrained, and the path to decision makers is opaque (even with more sales tech). Relationship intelligence gives you context on how to get the most value from your company's shared network, helps you prospect via warm introductions, and ensures data is up to date and usable.

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Why our customers love Affinity

"Within weeks of moving to Affinity, we were able to easily discover and manage the thousands of entrepreneur and venture community relationships already latent within our team. What’s more, the Affinity Alliances professional network has helped us quickly build new and valuable connections. "
Eric Emmons
Managing Partner, MassMutual Ventures
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"A product that has truly changed the way I work and made me so much more efficient across the team! Amazing and recommend to all! "
Harry Stebbings
Founder, Stride.VC
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"Affinity Alliances truly operationalizes our executive network. I use it every day to better understand the relationships I can leverage across Fidelity."
Alessandro Vigilante
VP Corporate Business Development, Fidelity
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"Investment banking is nothing, if not, a relationship business, and Affinity is now core to our success."
Rudy Burger
Founder and Managing Partner, Woodside Capital Partners
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"Our clients want to know that we have key access to decision-makers. We’re able to show them this by showing them the core of our CRM system—Affinity. It’s about being honest and truthful—that is what matters to clients."
Mirko Heide
Managing Director, IEG
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"Because Affinity is more intuitive [than our old system], you don’t have to go through a big training program. If we wanted to properly scale our old system, it would have taken up to twenty hours of onboarding training for new team members. Now, everyone is able to use Affinity immediately."
Michael Lamm
Co-founder & Managing Partner, CAS
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