Microsoft Teams integration

Connecting Affinity to your Microsoft Teams account makes collaborating with your team easy and effective.

Leverage smart lists

Affinity smart lists are one of the most powerful features our customers can leverage. Send a Microsoft Teams channel message whenever something important in your list changes.

Collaborate efficiently

Connecting with Microsoft Teams helps you stay informed and engaged with your team.

Most popular workflows

Field value changes in Affinity
Send a message to a specific channel in Teams
Notes are added to a specific list
Send a notification with the note in Teams
Notes are added to specific organizations
Send a notification with the note in Teams

Connect with other tools and apps


Create custom workflows that push contact info from Hubspot into Affinity and enrich Hubspot records with Affinity Data.

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Collect and track form submissions in Affinity so your team always stays up-to-date.

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Sync your most important files, attachments, and PDFs from Sharepoint automatically into Affinity.

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