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ISSUE 013 - April 2024

The VC’s portfolio support guide

Portfolio support is a top priority for more than 33% of VC firms this year. 

Find out how you can become an indispensable partner in the startup ecosystem by evaluating your strategy against the five best practices in our new guide. They include:

  • Communicating transparently at the board level
  • Providing network access and connecting talent 
  • Facilitating future growth opportunities
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The evolving AI landscape in venture capital

In a complex deal landscape, AI is increasingly helping firms get ahead—a trend our CEO Ray Zhou explores in this recent Forbes article. Our research found that firms are seeking AI to automate daily tasks (63%), accelerate company research (55%), and inform their investment decisions (40%).

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Deal sourcing guide for investment banking 2024

Investment banking is primed for growth, with activity already picking up—global M&A volume totaled $862.3 billion as of April 9th, up 25% year-over-year. Find out why, plus three strategies your firm can use to find and win more high-quality mandates.

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Harness the power of data-driven deal sourcing with WiL (World Innovation Lab)

Of the 700+ investors we surveyed for our 2024 predictions report, 84% said they plan to adopt AI tools this year to create deal efficiencies and become more data-driven, with many noting a heavy focus on deal sourcing.

Learn how you can become more data-driven when sourcing deals—with insights from Clifford Cohn and Max Eagle, Investor and Head of Data at WiL, respectively.

Register for the session to learn strategies for:

  • Building a data program from 0 to1
  • Setting key milestones for the short and long term
  • Ensuring operational efficiency and ROI
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“We love Affinity’s ability to gather insights automatically about companies. It's a huge time saver and a benefit for us to have the information at our fingertips.”

Lauren Gomez, Principal, Sozo Ventures

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