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ISSUE 005 - July 2023

Miss out on fewer deals with data

84% of VC firms are looking to dedicate more resources to getting ahead with data-driven initiatives.

But data is only useful if it is usable.

Our new guide unpacks solutions to three of the biggest data-related challenges facing GPs right now:

  • Lack of network visibility: You need to use your network better than your competitors use theirs. GPs that don’t systematically share their networks limit the success of their firm.
  • Miscommunication: Crossed wires waste time and risk the firm’s reputation. And if a team spins its wheels in today’s market, it will miss out on the most promising opportunities.
  • Outdated tech: Without a platform built for private capital, your team won’t have the time or insights for the higher value work that sets your firm apart.

Featuring eight perspectives from leading VCs, this guide explains why data is critical to the success of the modern General Partner, and how to realize its potential.

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Join us in San Francisco on September 28

The second annual Campfire conference brings together leading dealmakers to discuss industry trends, how to adopt best practices for data-driven dealmaking, and why relationship intelligence is critical in a changing market. Claim your free place.

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The future of the CRM for relationship-driven industries

Affinity’s CEO, Ray Zhou, regularly shares his perspectives on the topics that matter to the private markets. His latest Forbes article examines the limitations of traditional CRM software—and why industries like Venture Capital need more than they can offer.

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AI & VC: A New Investment Era

Cut through the AI noise with our webinar on July 25. Join Affinity’s CEO, Ray Zhou as he speaks to thought leaders from OpenAI and VC firm Fifty Years about the impact of AI in VC. And get some of their insights on making operational improvements and perfecting an AI-driven investment strategy.

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“Everyone realized that we had at our fingertips a lot of data that we were not using, because it wasn't being standardized. We can now see data about our origination and make decisions based on that.”

Max Blanshard, VC Investment Associate, 2150

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