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ISSUE 011 - February 2024

Three observations on the European tech market

87% of European VCs foresee doing the same or more deals in 2024—a stark change from last year, when only 66% of European investors forecasted a better dealmaking environment in 2023.

Affinity's CEO Ray Zhou shares his take on the European tech environment, including:

  • Expectations for rising deal volume
  • Increased activity from local investors
  • A rise in adoption of AI tools

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Sustainable investing and the art of deal sourcing

Investing is becoming more nuanced—especially when you consider additional factors like sustainability. That’s where AI can help. Learn how sustainability and AI are reshaping deal sourcing strategies for private capital investors.

How Speedinvest is navigating the fundraising market

Take a closer look at the changing fundraising market. Katharina Porenta of Speedinvest shares her strategies for building trust with LPs, aligning fund goals with LP priorities, and using technology to drive value creation.

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Trending up? VC predictions with 3 top firms

The VC landscape faced a range of challenges in 2023. But as signs emerge that the global economy is stabilizing, investor sentiment is trending up.

Learn how you can capitalize on increased deal and fundraising opportunities this year—with expert speakers from Foxe Capital, SaaS Ventures, and Intel Ignite.

Watch the session to learn:

  • What findings from 700+ investors reveal about how 2024 will shape up
  • Why top dealmakers are prioritizing networks to drive deals
  • How AI (and Affinity) can help your firm
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“Affinity offers structure to deal sourcing, where you can see connections, contacts, activities, and emails exchanged. It is much easier to keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be done.”

Pieter Oostlander, Founding Partner and Impact Fund Manager, Shaping Impact Group

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