Touchstone Commercial Partners - FortifyingReal Estate Relationships with Affinity


Touchstone Commercial Partners (TCP) is a leading San Francisco boutique commercial real estate brokerage firm. TCP works with leading businesses to provide market insights and customized real estate brokerage services.




Commercial Real Estate


The challenge

The commercial real estate industry is competitive and top brokers need to not only maintain their existing relationships, but also be constantly increasing their network and sourcing new quality relationships. Referrals are incredibly powerful, but finding paths to these referrals on social platforms like LinkedIn have limitations and fail to quantify the strength of any given relationships.

Touchstone Commercial Partners

“Affinity allows us to manage more clients. That will lead to more topline for our business.”

Michael Sanberg
Leasing & Sales Agent

The solution

With an eye on efficiency and a desire to more effectively manage relationships with clients, TCP selected Affinity. Today, Affinity’s automated data capture allows TCP brokers to virtually eliminate manual data entry. Brokers now have full transparency into the history of relationships. Affinity has also helped TCP enhance deal flow. Brokers are now able to predict which opportunities their existing client base may be interested in based on past transaction involvement history. Perhaps most impactful, Affinity has empowered TCP to fortify its relationships with clients. Using Affinity, TCP is able to more effectively track real estate transactions, manage client relationships, and identify new sales opportunities. Affinity’s integrated solution ensures that brokers are able to provide the highest level of service to clients.

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