Affinity CRM's custom integrations now include automated data capture from new channels

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Now you can log every interaction you make into Affinity—automatically.

Investment banking, consulting, and venture capital teams already depend on Affinity’s automated data capture to monitor their “data exhaust”—contact and activity information stored in emails, calendar invites, and meetings that is often overlooked and discarded. Now, you can also automatically capture calls, messages, and client interactions from any available API.

In order to further support teams that rely on stronbusiness development functions, we’ve enabled Affinity to log and retrieve a broader range of interactions with third-party platforms. With our new interactions API, you can capture calls and text messages from applications such as Dialpad automatically as well as sharing outreach metrics with teams using other CRMs directly. 

Use these integrations to further automate the cold outreach process, eliminate the drudgery of manually logging calls and texts, and create a more comprehensive activity history of your client interactions.


An “interactions API” connects communications software like a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or texting software to Affinity.

With this expansion to Affinity’s API, enterprise-tier customers can further expand the data enhanced by Affinity’s relationship intelligence and centralize their communication tech stack. You can now automatically log, retrieve, and share interactions from communications in other software, including:

  1. Calls made from VoIP platforms like Dialpad and Twilio
  2. Messages sent from instant messaging apps
  3. Meetings logged in other CRM platforms like Salesforce that are used by other teams at your organization

The interactions API offering is now available for all Affinity enterprise tier customers. If you do not currently have an enterprise account, contact your customer success representative to explore custom project pricing solutions.

How can I use this new type of integration?

Streamline cold outreach and business development

With the interactions API you can automate contact information capture between Affinity and your communication channels of choice. Ensure every text or call from your VoIP or messaging software is automatically logged in your Affinity CRM in the same way emails and calendar invites already sync with the platform. And just like any other interactions data captured by Affinity, you have complete control over privacy settings that limit visibility into specific contacts or the details of a specific interaction.

Make your team more efficient

Manually logging each cold call on a daily list of 100 or more contacts or each text you send as you’re on the go is tedious and inefficient. With contact information and engagement results now captured from these tools automatically, business development teams can keep their focus on acquiring new business and connecting with the right opportunities rather than manually entering data.

Gain new business insights with multi-channel communications records

This new API update gives you the ability to enrich your CRM’s activity timelines using data from every channel you use with your network and use that data to inform your business decisions. 

Your firm can use additional call or text communications records in combination with Affinity Analytics (Affinity CRM’s built-in business intelligence) to analyze and review their progress toward outreach goals. You can also combine this new pool of contact data with Team Activity reporting—or export it and blend it with data in different platforms if needed. 

Team Activity - Interactions by Internal Teammate- Title

Team Activity reports allow you to easily surface and understand trends in your dealmaking process that would otherwise go unnoticed, and drill into team-level data in real time to help you optimize your team’s outreach efforts. Firms still managing their reporting externally or working with third-party data analysis tools can instead extract this interaction data from Affinity and share it with their reporting partners.

By further consolidating your workflows with Affinity your business development teams can work more efficiently and uncover new deals quickly. Access your call list and message history, call your prospects, and capture valuable foundational data about those conversations—more seamlessly than ever in a single activity timeline.

Speak to your customer success manager today to get your integration process started or click here to schedule a demo with our sales team to see Affinity in action.


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