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Setting, tracking, and visualizing your team’s most important performance metrics just got even easier. Today, our team is excited to share Affinity Analytics’ Team Activity reporting—a new dashboard that has been added to Affinity Analytics. 

What is included in team activity reporting?

Affinity Analytics’ Team Activity allows you to easily surface and understand trends in your deal-making process that would otherwise go unnoticed, and drill into team-level data in real time to help you optimize your team’s work and close deals more quickly. 

Team Activity makes it easier to understand your team’s interactions with your business network at a more granular level. Communication-related reports turn your outbound CRM activity into valuable data sets you can use to evaluate productivity, make your team’s sourcing and investing more efficient, and ensure you’re nurturing your most valuable relationships. 

Tracking productivity 

We recently launched our email templates feature to make the bulk outreach process as simple as possible so your team can keep moving on more complex tasks. Now, with Team Activity reporting, you can visualize and measure that productivity to make your team’s deal sourcing more efficient.

Individual reports can now provide a breakdown of the number of emails and meetings between members of your team and external people and companies within a set period. Additionally, Team Activity reports can be joined with Affinity Analytics’ List Summary report to provide further detailed analysis of who your team has been interacting with.

Team Activity - Interactions by Internal Teammate- Title

Use the Team Activity dashboard to map interactions among teammates.

By tracking and reporting on your team’s outreach efforts, you can review how many emails are being sent by each team member. Starting a conversation across the team can open the door to sharing helpful insights. If one investor on your team is sending out 10% fewer emails than everyone else but is still scheduling the same amount of calls, for example, there’s a strong chance they’re doing something right. 

If your investment team is split across different verticals, you can now compare outreach productivity between them. Armed with these insights, your next step is to create efficiencies by turning this data into process changes.

Creating efficiencies

Tracking and reviewing KPIs—like the average number of meetings or emails it takes before you close a deal—can help your team become more efficient. By combining your Team Activity analysis with other Affinity Analytics reports, you can better understand specific subsets of your connections. This analysis can be conducted on any data you track—including any data points Affinity captures automatically, in addition to fields you’re tracking manually such as deal size, D&I-related data, and industry sub-categories.

One typical list investment professionals rely on tracks the effectiveness of their diversity and inclusion–oriented sourcing. As more investment teams prioritize diversity as part of their investment strategy, they have begun tracking and managing their own D&I data within Affinity.

Team Activity - Interactions by Founder Gender-Title

Visualize team emails and meetings by any data you track.

With Team Activity, you can use this data to understand how efficiently you are reaching the D&I-related investment goals in your portfolio. Let’s use founder gender as an example criteria for how Team Activity can be combined with other reports:

  1. For 2021, your team set a goal to have an even, 50-50 split between meetings with male and female founders.
  2. Using a List Summary report, you can review your progress over time on identifying opportunities with male versus female founders meeting that goal, using data specific to your organization.
  3. With a funnel analysis report, you can see the conversion rates on these specific deals.
  4. Lastly, turning to Team Activity, you can see how much time you are spending on each of these deals.

Each of these reports now coexist in your Affinity Analytics dashboard, and at a glance, you can identify how you are tracking toward your D&I goals. Perhaps you learn that you’re adding opportunities for both genders at the same rate but meeting more frequently with male founders. Affinity Analytics gives you the quantitative insights to inform an adjustment in your business practices. 

Nurturing external relationships

Affinity’s automation and relationship intelligence algorithms already help your team build comprehensive activity records and foster strong relationships. With the addition of Team Activity dashboards, you can monitor when your team is checking in with your highest-value connections. Then, with a few clicks, you can learn how many times your team has met with your most important leads.

Team Activity - Organizations Met- Title

Determine which people and organizations your team has met with.

But your biggest opportunities aren’t the only contacts in your network. Now you can manage goals around founder followups so you can be sure you’re spending the right amount of time with your portfolio companies—especially the high performers. Or build a hot list of companies you passed on but are ready to return to in the future to help ensure a great opportunity doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Consolidate your deal team’s performance and leverage their collective deal management data to make sure everyone is managing their relationships and closing quality deals together. Speak to your Customer Success Manager today about how to make best use of Team Activity reports, and if you’re interested in learning more about Affinity Analytics, register for our weekly webinar below.


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