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Affinity is designed to accelerate your prospecting and deal management workflows, and efficient email outreach is an integral piece of that puzzle. We recently debuted our bulk email feature, and today we’re excited to announce our new email templates tool.

What are our new email tools?

Bulk email enables your business development and deal teams to easily execute personalized, bulk communications directly from Affinity, automatically capturing these key interactions in a contact’s historical activity timeline.

Instantly select existing People and Opportunities lists to select recipients. Once you’ve picked who you’re sending your email to, you can insert dynamic fields for First Name and Last Name, pulling contact information directly from your Affinity records.

Email templates can be used alongside your bulk or individual email communications. Simply navigate to Profile Preferences to customize your templates and insert them into any email you send from within Affinity. These emails are sent via your email account and can include:

  • Custom email signature
  • Images
  • Attachments
  • Rich text
  • Hyperlinks

That’s all to say, they look just like a personalized email sent directly from you. Let’s take a quick look at how your team can put these to use.


Our bulk email composer gives teams the ability to reach out to a broad pool of potential founders, so you can execute on and complete your sourcing workflows directly in Affinity. After building an Opportunities list based on your best connections to a specific pool of founders, filter opportunities by industry to create even more targeted list views, and ship off your initial email. Build industry-specific templates with links to case studies or other relevant materials to help strengthen your pitch.

Nurturing existing connections

Your network is your most valuable asset, but even for the most diligent networkers, it’s impossible to follow up directly and personally with every single connection you have.

Combining Affinity’s Smart Reminders with our email composer tools now gives you the ability to touch base with valuable connections more efficiently. You can set a recurring monthly or quarterly reminder or use our intelligent reminders to ping you once 30 or 90 days have passed since your last interaction. Now, your recurring nurture emails to a wide variety of clients are as easy as:

  1. A reminder goes off
  2. Open the email composer
  3. Select your recipients
  4. Insert a baseline template
  5. Make any customizations you’d like
  6. Send a bulk check-in email

Within seconds, you’ve checked in with a massive group of important connections and taken the next step toward finding and closing your next deal.

Creating repeatable processes

Your CRM should optimize your most important workflows. By templatizing your most frequent email communications, your team can manage and update deals from start to finish without ever leaving Affinity. Teams across the spectrum in capital markets can leverage templates together with a bulk email sender to build repeatable, standardized communications for their most frequent tasks.

Venture capital teams may pass on 99% of the companies they evaluate. Sending a personalized follow-up email from your template library helps maintain a relationship with a company’s founders, even if it wasn’t the right time to invest yet.

Investment banks can rely on bulk email templates to reach out on behalf of their clients to prospective buyers, sellers, or investors. Building templates for each client currently under engagement goes hand-in-hand with Affinity’s relationship intelligence tools, so your investment teams can efficiently reach out to your warmest connections and close important deals faster.

Close more deals faster with Affinity

Affinity is a relationship intelligence CRM built to help you find, manage, and close more deals faster than ever. As deal timelines contract and massive, global firms continue to turn weeks-long funding rounds into days, teams need to rely on technology to stay competitive. Connect with more opportunities, build better relationships, and close more deals with Affinity.

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