Alert your team to changes in KPIs with Affinity Analytics Alerts

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Analyzing, understanding, and optimizing your deal pipeline is invaluable to becoming a more efficient—and more successful—firm. By building analytics and reporting dashboards directly in Affinity, you can surface otherwise unseen trends in your contact and deal data. These insights into your deal flow pipeline, team productivity, and your progress on KPIs inform key decisions that help your business thrive. 

In order to further automate your team’s reporting process and help you stay informed of and track changes in your CRM data, we’ve introduced Affinity Analytics (AA) Alerts.

How can I use Affinity Analytics Alerts to improve my deal flow pipeline?

Automatically receive updates on KPIs to improve goal tracking

Data visualization is a powerful tool for understanding your team’s progress toward meeting your most important KPIs. Leading deal teams use Affinity’s analytics dashboards to track deal sourcing, email outreach, and, more and more frequently, investment diversity goals. 

With Affinity Analytics Alerts, you (and designated teammates) can get automated progress updates delivered to your inbox or a Slack channel based on both time and volume parameters. For example, if you want to schedule a mid-month check-in on your deal sourcing progress, you can set your monthly goal in a sourcing report to 30 deals sourced. Then you can set Affinity Analytics to send you an email if the team hasn’t sourced 15 organizations by the 15th of the month.


Never miss a follow-up with account status updates

Amid increasing competition and deal velocity, you need to stay organized and move quickly to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Affinity Analytics Alerts can notify your team when they need to reengage with a contact. Set Alerts to email you when contacts connected to a deal in your pipeline have not received an email after a set number of days, or highlight specific deals whose statuses have not moved for a certain period of time. 

Now you can be sure that lucrative deals won’t fall apart because they’re forgotten or overlooked.


Proactively share important details with your team to avoid potential chokepoints

Remaining flexible and adapting your investment and sourcing strategies to meet your goals is a defining trait of a skilled firm. Affinity Analytics Alerts help you stay ahead of changes in your deal flow pipeline before they become a problem. Use goal tracking and pipeline management alerts to further discussions around strategy changes, and receive updates at a cadence of your choosing so you don’t have to wait for a Monday meeting to review and discuss important changes.

Make your deal pipeline more efficient with Affinity Analytics

You can use Affinity Analytics to make more efficient use of your team’s resources, keep track of your collective business network, and source and pursue more valuable deals. Talk to Affinity today to learn how to customize Affinity Analytics to best support your analytics requirements and start using Alerts to perfect your deal flow pipeline.


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