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Optimize your outreach toolkit with a relationship intelligence platform

2021 was a landmark year for dealmakers—from early-stage investments to multi-million-dollar mergers and acquisitions—but 2022 is not quite maintaining the volume of opportunities, and dealmaking is slowing.

In a slowing marketplace, outbound communications are more valuable than ever for teams to build pipeline that, most recently, was largely inbound. Leading teams are relying on relationship intelligence to gain new insights into their professional networks and using this relationship-related data to inform how and when they communicate throughout the lifecycle of a deal. Here’s how you can:

  • Optimize interactions with your network and build smarter outreach strategies
  • Include relationship intelligence in every channel you use to engage with your network
  • See a comprehensive cross-channel customer engagement history on a single platform

Set your team up for success with more warm introductions

Set up your team for success with more warm introductions

With relationship intelligence—insights into a team’s professional network, business relationships, and client interactions that help find, manage, and close deals—you can easily determine who on your team is the best to reach out to a prospect based on quantified relationship scores. Assign prospects and shortlists to specific team members based on mutual connections to get a foot in the door and give them the best chance to successfully connect.

A relationship intelligence platform enables your team to focus their efforts on engaging high-probability prospects, resulting in high opportunity conversions and giving them a competitive advantage.


Automatically log and track all your interactions

Automatically log and track all your interactions

The Affinity relationship intelligence platform automatically consolidates the data related to the people and organizations in your network. Once you’ve settled on who from your team is reaching out to which companies, you can send personalized individual or bulk emails directly from your CRM. 

With Affinity, these emails are automatically captured in a contact’s historical Activity Timeline. The Activity Timeline also tracks open rate and link clicks in the emails you send, so your team can:

  • A/B test subject lines, copy, links to different resources or landing pages, and attachments
  • Find the most responsive individuals in an organization
  • Understand what types of content encourage the most engagement
  • Optimize your outreach cadence

Email isn’t the only tool in your outreach toolkit. By leveraging Affinity’s API, you can automatically log, retrieve, and share interactions from communications on other platforms, including:

  • Calls made from VoIP platforms like Dialpad and Twilio
  • Messages sent from instant messaging apps like WhatsApp
  • Meetings logged in other CRM platforms (like Salesforce) used by other teams at your organization

Access your call list and message history, contact your prospects, and capture valuable foundational data about those conversations more seamlessly than ever in a single Activity Timeline. By further consolidating your workflows in your CRM, your business development teams can work more efficiently to uncover and connect with new opportunities.

Review and analyze consolidated records from a single platform

Review and analyze consolidated records from a single platformBy combining email communications and Affinity’s API with Affinity Analytics, your team can use email engagement metrics, call or chat communications records, and meeting histories to analyze and review their progress toward outreach goals. 

Rather than having to review emails, calls, and meetings using multiple platforms, you can consolidate channel-by-channel tracking in one place. Additionally, you can build reporting dashboards to monitor which channels are most successful for booking meetings, and track open and click rates for specific templates to test messaging or timing. 

You can also combine this communications data with Team Activity reporting to get a comprehensive view of which team members have been most successful, identify the most valuable strategies, and share those best practices with the rest of your team. 

By carefully tracking outreach performance alongside detailed contact Activity Timelines in Affinity, you can identify and nurture relationships with the most engaged contacts in your professional network and maintain those connections directly from Affinity. 

Learn what else a relationship intelligence CRM platform can do for you; talk to a member of our team today.

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