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Turn insights into action

Increase visibility into initiatives that drive results, and gain the analytical depth and flexibility you need to make quicker data-based decisions.

  • Set, track, and visualize key KPIs to identify the most effective ways to manage your deal pipeline.
  • Understand team performance—analyze your current and historical data to optimize for tomorrow.

Make your data work for you.

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Create custom dashboards

Build bespoke reports and analytical dashboards from your unique data.


Uncover data patterns

Delve into your unique data sets to uncover insights into business trends and goals.


Automate team workflows

Gain time previously lost to generating repetitive, manually built and manipulated reports.


Immediate visualizations

Start faster with pre-built dashboard templates for core use cases and workflows.


Align team progress

Share reports as a PDF, CSV, PNG, or a direct view link to see progress on shared goals.


Improve communications

Update external partners regularly by pre-scheduling reports to send automatically.

Why our customers love Affinity

Having immediate access to information about performance and providing insights to clients on crucial business activity is exactly the competitive advantage we need.

Rudy Burger
Managing Director, Woodside Capital Partners