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The potential for your next deal already lives inside of your CRM.

With Affinity, you can already combine your existing relationship network data and our platform’s relationship intelligence—the insights into your team's network, relationships, and interactions—to find, manage, and close more deals.

The new Affinity Data: Organizations data set add-on further expands our current Affinity Data data sets to help you qualify potential deals more quickly, gain even deeper insights into the people and organizations you’re evaluating, and understand the performance momentum of potential investments—directly from within the Affinity CRM.

What is included in Affinity Data: Organizations?

Affinity Data: Organizations is our first of several upcoming data add-on packages that extend the reach of our proprietary data sets (which already provide information like industry, founding year, and investment stage). Now, all Affinity customer tiers can purchase this new data set to help their team make more informed decisions about how to prioritize potential investments and save time across your entire pre-diligence workflows. These additional data columns include information about:

  1. Current and historical headcount
  2. Company hiring trends
  3. Key leadership changes
  4. Month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year growth trends

This data is key to guiding investment decisions but can often be hard to access and difficult to integrate with the data already in your CRM. With this data side by side with your existing deal and relationship data in Affinity, you can view, analyze, and report on all of your data comprehensively. Let’s take a look at how your team can make more confident investment decisions with Affinity Data: Organizations.

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How can I use Affinity Data: Organizations?

Prioritize, align on, and respond to investment opportunities with confidence

Consolidating your relationship and deal data in Affinity’s CRM already creates a single source of truth that gives your team an easy way to visualize and align on pipeline activity and performance. With Affinity Data: Organizations’ columns incorporated into these workflows, you can quickly complete early funnel qualification with confidence by prioritizing quality investment opportunities—and weeding out less promising options—by stage, company size, and growth rates.

Focus your time on high-quality prospective investments

As deal timelines continue to contract and investment teams are trying to beat the 1-day close, you can now narrow the pool of potential engagements even faster. If, for example, you want to focus your search on companies in the workplace management SaaS space that may soon be looking for Series C funding, you can drill down to find a specific set of prospects. Create a filter on a custom organizations-type list to show:

  • Current Series B companies in the SaaS vertical...
  • with 50–100 employees...
  • that have shown consistent QoQ growth over the last two years...
  • and have made two or more leadership hires in the last 6 months.

You now have a list matching the exact requirements for your ideal investment opportunity, and you can begin outreach with a perfectly tailored target list. Affinity Data: Organizations data is updated monthly, ensuring you base your decisions on the most recent data.

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Save time and lower your data costs

Depending on the size of the firm, VCs might screen as many as 1,000 potential investments per year, or engage with more than 100 opportunities across a team before closing a single deal. As the example above shows, Affinity Data: Organizations can help quickly and confidently narrow down the companies you’re evaluating or interested in vetting. And rather than paying for research into publicly available data, spending time managing the obtained data, and integrating it with your own data, you can access relevant company growth data directly in your CRM.

By aligning these data points with your existing relationship data and the institutional knowledge you’re tracking in your CRM, you create a more comprehensive picture of the companies that are already in your network. Take these insights a step further by building reporting dashboards in Affinity Analytics—the CRM's integrated reporting tool available to all Affinity Premium and Enterprise clients—to help monitor the fastest-growing companies by month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year growth rates.

In addition to team growth rates, leadership hiring and departure information is automatically added to your CRM data to keep you on top of organizational changes—including changes to your own portfolio companies. You can follow these shifts to see where these individuals are headed next. Their new company may be your next big opportunity.

Empower your team with performance momentum data

Diving deeper into up-to-date growth data for companies you already follow can help your team better understand and evaluate company momentum. Affinity Data: Organizations provides more than two times the coverage than leading industry data vendors provide for company growth data for organizations at all stages of growth—from seed to public.

With a few clicks, you can chart growth data for up to the previous 24 months and use that data to inform potential investments. Armed with that knowledge, you can keep your finger on the pulse of deals you have on hold or have previously passed on; you can also monitor growth indicators like quarter-over-quarter versus year-over-year growth numbers and key leadership adds that can elevate an interesting opportunity into a must-have portco.

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Set your team up for success by enabling them to conduct due diligence on the right companies by providing easily accessible, actionable data. Take action on your next investment based on the most up-to-date information on the fastest-growing companies in your pipeline. Affinity Data: Organizations enables your investment team to confidently prioritize, qualify, and respond to potential investments.

Speak to your customer success manager today about how to get the add-on, or click here to schedule a demo with our sales team to see Affinity in action.


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