Affinity CRM adds funding insights to inform investment decisions

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Access a larger pool of more reliable funding activity signals directly from Affinity.

Finding and utilizing funding information from external data vendors requires your team to constantly bounce back and forth between various tools and their CRM or manually export, import, and manipulate data. This can be time-consuming, lead to inaccurate or incomplete datasets, and mean that important funding information is left out of your CRM’s pipeline forecasting analytics. 

Supplementing your team’s existing knowledge of their connections with enriched datasets gives you the power to make investment decisions informed not only by your data but also by major industry trends. Affinity Data: Organizations, the first of our proprietary dataset add-ons, already provides insights into hiring and growth trends to inform your investment decisions. Now, equip your team with new funding data to get timely, accurate intelligence delivered within your automated CRM deal flows so you can source and execute more deals more quickly.

What is Affinity Data?

Affinity Data—Affinity’s proprietary data offering—is expanding to include funding datasets that will help investment teams make confident decisions based on the most complete, reliable, and highest-quality intelligence available for the companies you’re evaluating for investment. 

This free Affinity Data expansion includes new information like:

  1. Investment stage
  2. Lead investors
  3. Last funding date
  4. Last funding amount
  5. Total funding amount

By combining Affinity's funding data with the existing organization data and relationship intelligence in your CRM, you can gain a more complete understanding of each investment opportunity in your pre-qualification process. Eliminate the need to flip between external data provider platforms and to import or export data for investment diligence—all with one platform.

How can my team use funding data to inform more deals?

Reduce time spent on research

Unifying all of the data related to your contacts and deals in your CRM alongside our enriched data sets reduces the time it takes to find companies of interest within your network. At a glance, understand a company’s strength based on combined firmographic and funding data points like number of employees, current funding stage, and last funding amount, and don’t waste time digging for data elsewhere.

Make smarter investment decisions faster

Contextualize funding information alongside your existing datasets to determine which markets, geographies, or team sizes are seeing increased investment activity and take action before your competitors. You can take this a step further and filter a subset of relevant companies that meet your specific investment criteria. For example, combine Affinity Data: Organizations insights from growth data with funding data to narrow the pool of companies you plan to evaluate down to companies that:

  1. Are based in Miami…
  2. Are in the biotech industry…
  3. Have raised a funding round greater than $60M…
  4. Within the last year…
  5. And hired a VP or C-suite team member in the last six months

Narrow your search, find your ideal list of prospects and get to them before anyone else. 

Use company context to build your network

While keeping ahead of the competition is great, it also helps to be the best-informed team in your business network. With company financial data at your fingertips, you can also be the first to connect with potential co-investors to collaborate and close lucrative prospects. Build a stronger relationship network, powered by the data that drives the VC world’s biggest deals.

Get to your next big deal faster by tracking, managing, and acting on the industry’s most accurate and reliable funding data with Affinity Data’s newest dataset.

Speak to your customer success manager today to learn more about our proprietary data model and the data insights we can provide for your team, or click here to schedule a demo with our sales team to see Affinity in action.


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