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Affinity has partnered with, a global data platform with intelligence on tech startups and scale-ups to provide new insights that will guide you to better opportunities, faster.

How can investment teams get an edge in generating quality deal flow in today’s fast-changing market?  It was one thing to tolerate disconnected data and workflow in a hot, land-grab market. Navigating today’s choppy waters with the usual approaches is another. 

If you’re like most firms, most deal generation journeys begin with manually updating spreadsheets with firmographic data you collect from various websites, or leaning on your Excel wizard to pivot through purchased data. 

You may be creating outreach lists in yet another place, then managing priorities in manual Monday morning reports built on data from a different place. You may be crawling LinkedIn to find useful access paths among the abundant casual and trivial “connections” while the warm intro you seek remains hidden inside another team member’s Gmail archives.   

More and more, leading investment teams of all sizes are using automation to combine firmographic data, interaction history analysis, and deal-making workflows in a single place. Through this consolidation, they are able to prioritize, personalize, and automate outreach and quickly source more qualified and higher-quality opportunities. 


How does the Affinity-Dealroom partnership accelerate dealmaking and save your team time?

The Affinity-Dealoom partnership feeds Dealroom’s high-quality and predictive intelligence data on millions of global organizations directly into the Affinity platform. 

With additional insights from Dealroom, deal teams can build more precisely targeted shortlists, personalize outreach, then follow through with automated workflows to engage more of the right opportunities at the right time. And by reducing the time spent on manual research and data entry, deal teams can focus on higher-value activities, from meetings to due diligence to portfolio company management. 


Build smarter shortlists faster

Dealroom’s “predictive intelligence” is derived from large quantities of public and community-sourced data in combination with AI and machine learning to provide you with unique insights into an organization’s growth trajectory.

Success indicators and new firmographic datasets from Dealroom can be combined with Affinity’s data to create hyper-focused shortlists that are better aligned with your investment thesis. These data points include:  

  • Technologies related to the organization
  • Sustainable development initiatives
  • Latest revenue and most recent EBITDA
  • Predictive founder strength rankings derived from data on previous roles, educational background, and track record of founding successful startups

Having a more granular understanding of where the most promising opportunities and your investment strategy align early in the process eliminates time spent on poor fits. This alignment also allows your deal team to refocus their efforts on cultivating relationships with the best potential outcomes.


Engage with prospects at the right time to get ahead of the competition

Without directly asking or doing tedious amounts of research, it can be difficult to gauge exactly how well hundreds of companies’ products are performing or how fast they’re scaling at once. As a target company gains new users and the company is growing its followers and engagements on social media, they often need more support. With new Affinity-Dealroom data columns, you can monitor company growth and market momentum signals such as:

  • Total number of Twitter favorites and followers, with follower trends for the last month
  • Current number of job openings

With these datasets combined with Affinity Data and your team’s intelligence, you can more quickly understand:

  • Whether or not a company fits your investment thesis
  • If a company has a strong chance to grow
  • If now is the right time in a company’s lifecycle to engage

When the time comes to begin your outreach to companies that meet your criteria, Affinity-Dealroom data let you easily personalize your communications at scale—leading to engagements with greater context and higher response rates. For example, you can send targeted communications in bulk to a shortlist of companies involved in augmented reality tech who are aggressively hiring and have gained a similar amount of Twitter followers over the last month.

Consolidating all of your data together in your CRM also makes it so you can use Affinity Analytics to easily build and share reports on more comprehensive datasets and use the results to inform future sourcing workflows.

Create a single dashboard that incorporates data from your own interactions, Dealroom data, and Affinity Data, and use that in combination with activity and workflow data to identify trends that can inform your next wave of outbound communications.

Reviewing trends such as which industries are you closing deals with most frequently, what stages of growth have been the ideal times to reach out to teams on your shortlist, or even which types of communications have been most successful in your outreach process can highlight places you can improve your team’s workflows. 

Save time on manual research and data entry with automatic updates

Affinity Data and Dealroom’s datasets update regularly to keep your company profiles and reporting current. This ensures your team is the first to see new data as it becomes available, and you can save time on pre-diligence research by capturing your most valuable data points directly in your CRM. Spend less time entering and integrating data manually and more time building and nurturing the relationships in your network.

Connect with a member of the Affinity team today to learn how you can increase your deal flow with Affinity and Dealroom.


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