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Affinity for Venture Capital

The best platform to manage deal flow, increase deal-flow, and leverage your team's collective network.

Brands that leverage Affinity

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Effortlessly Manage Deals 

Your new Monday morning dashboard. Affinity's smart lists are the easiest way for you to manage your deals. Customize your smart lists with people, organizations or as opportunities. Relationship info and your team's collective communication activity will automatically update. Find out why affinity has been called "Excel on Steroids." 


Streamline sourcing proprietary deal flow

Nothing is more effective at helping you get in the door as referrals and warm introductions. With Affinity, eliminate the guesswork involved in asking for introductions and instantly leverage your firm's collective network.  Affinity's patented technology and proprietary Alliances feature allows you to connect with your most trusted business allies and effortlessly leverage their network to close your next big deal or make the crucial intros your portfolio needs.


Simplify your relationship management  

Stop wasting time manually inputting data. Affinity integrates with your email and calendar to automatically track whom your team has communicated with, what files were exchanged, and who provided the introduction. No email bots or extensions needed to get your firm's communication data into Affinity. Malleable privacy settings are available so you can keep your personal info private. 


“The biggest problems Affinity helps me solve are how to track all of my activity and how to prioritize my time. It makes me a better investor. All of the things I need to do on a day-to-day basis I now do in Affinity.”

Partner, DCM Ventures