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Gain a competitive edge


Deploy advanced deal origination

Tap into your collective network to get direct introduction paths.


Improve due diligence

Leverage your network to back-channel your next big deal.


Save valuable time

Affinity adds all email and calendar interactions in real-time.

Crossed wires 5

Eliminate crossing wires

Always know who has talked to whom.


Leverage AI-powered CRM

Easily manage deal flow and access network analysis. 


Customize privacy settings

Adjust privacy settings for your entire team’s needs.


An advanced deal origination platform

  • Increase proprietary deal flow
  • Fully leverage your team’s collective network
  • Bypass intermediaries by sourcing direct
Data Enrichment By

Spend time on new deals,
not data entry

Affinity automatically creates contacts from your inbox




We know you have better things to do


hours of data entry saved per person a year

See how much time Affinity's deal flow management software can save your team

Talk to sales

Smart lists to manage deal flow and firm relationships


Build LP smart lists

Create lists that update in real time as your team engages with current or prospective LPs.

AI-powered private equity CRM

Create bespoke lists to track deal flow in an optimized workflow, or switch to a board view to drag and drop deals from one status to the next.

Create custom reminders

Smart triggers and reminders enable you to track LPs, intermediaries, or CEOs. Make sure your team never drops the ball on a big opportunity. 

Instant 360° rolodex and smart triggers

ANIMATION_360_V2a_R2.gif ANIMATION_360_V2a_R2

Automatically and retroactively surface every interaction your team has had and retain valuable data—even if there’s a departure.

Uncover historical communication with intermediaries, executives, and LPs.

  • Unearth institutional knowledge
  • Remove communication silos
  • Schedule smart triggers and reminders

You’re in control of your privacy

You get to choose what communications data is visible.

Easily exclude email addresses, hide email bodies or even just hide the subject lines to ensure your communication is private.

Show up smarter with Affinity at your fingertips

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Why our private equity customers love Affinity

Affinity has become a daily tool that is ingrained in our workflow. I get a richness of data that didn’t exist before.”

Burke Davis
Vice President, Sorenson Capital
Private Equity firms who
leverage Affinity