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Affinity Meetings

Affinity Meetings makes it easy for dealmakers with busy schedules to access relevant CRM information about the people and organizations in their Zoom calls. With Affinity Meetings, you can:

  • Stay aligned during and after meetings by viewing and sharing notes
  • Drive more effective conversations with access to deal and relationship context without leaving Zoom
  • Save time on pre and post-meeting work with automatic sync between Affinity CRM and Zoom
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Affinity Meetings

Affinity for Outlook

Affinity for Outlook gives you an easy way to view relevant context about the people, organizations, and opportunities that you’re emailing with - right from your inbox. With Affinity for Outlook, you can:

  • Access your team’s relationships and previous interactions with email recipients
  • View Affinity Data about people and organizations
  • Add people and organizations to your opportunity lists

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Outlook Extension

Affinity Pathfinder

Affinity Pathfinder helps you qualify, manage, and capture insights about your deals as you research, reach out to, and screen people and companies from within your browser and Gmail

  • Find the right deals as you research and interact with potential investments and clients through  access to company and people insights
  • Accelerate deals by identifying relationships and relationship history that your team has has built with organizations
  • Update your pipeline with profile and list updates, creating opportunities, and note capture
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Affinity for Mobile

Affinity Mobile helps you access and update relationship context on-the-go from wherever you are. With the Affinity mobile app, you can:

  • Show up smarter to every meeting with instant access to the history of interactions with contacts and organizations
  • Manage your pipeline from anywhere with simple updates instantly available to your team
  • Create and manage prospects and prospect lists while you travel


Affinity mobile enables you to build your network from anywhere.

Why our customers love Affinity

“We use Affinity to stay on the same page and hold each other accountable. It’s been a game changer for collaboration.”

Jacelyn Goldfein
Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners