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Last year we asked hundreds of top private capital and investment banking professionals about their strategies for 2023. 

They had a lot to say, but two things stood out the most:

  • 39% of dealmakers said they’re going to prioritize new deal prospecting in 2023.
  • 76% of firms rely on at least four data sources when evaluating a deal—a process that takes an average of 34 hours.

Thirty-four hours is a lot of time—and an opportunity for much more efficiency.

That’s why we’re excited to discuss a range of new Affinity features that: 

  1. Equip you with more data, organized in a way to help you make better investment decisions more quickly
  2. Allow you to connect with founders faster, without disrupting workflow
  3. Take action in your CRM immediately while online prospecting
  4. Have more effective meetings with on-screen information through Zoom

Here’s how Affinity can help your firm thrive in 2023. 

New, enriched data sources 

Most associates spend hours pooling data from websites, LinkedIn pages, Pitchbook, industry publications, etc. to find two things: promising companies and the best possible introduction path to them.

What if instead of scouring multiple sources, everything you needed was all in one place?

Now it is: Last year Affinity quadrupled its data analytics staff and established new million-dollar partnerships with leading data firms to give you all the signals you need to efficiently evaluate every deal in your pipeline.

When you log in to Affinity, you’ll see: 

  • data—for early stage screening and to find subject matter experts for due diligence
  • Biographic, education, and experience data on founders—to understand at a glance whether or not to proceed with a deal
  • Company headcount data—to quickly glean foundational information and assess for fit

Get more details here—watch between 3:45 - 6:27.

Zoom and Chrome extensions for faster online prospecting

Context matters. That’s why we’ve pulled out all the information that’s critical to keep deals flowing and made it accessible in two places: Zoom and Chrome. 

Have better meetings with on-screen information

With our Zoom extension, you have all the data you need on screen during your meetings, including interaction history and notes from your team. This helps you save time preparing before a meeting, and makes it easy to add notes so the rest of your team quickly knows how the meeting went. 

Get more details here—watch between 7:08 - 7:50.

Amplify online prospecting with Affinity Pathfinder

Loss of efficiency happens when there’s too much context switching between your CRM and your web browser. We’ve solved this issue with Affinity Pathfinder, our new Chrome Extension that brings all your Affinity data into your online prospecting. 

The result? Understand in an instant whether a company is worth spending time on—and take action immediately if they are. 

When you land on a company website, LinkedIn, or email, use Affinity Pathfinder to see:

  • Headcount
  • Employee growth YoY
  • Investment stage
  • Total funding amount
  • Last funding amount
  • Past investors
  • Recent leadership hires

Then, when you find a company worth pursuing, take action immediately from the extension to:

  • Add the company to an opportunities list in Affinity
  • Take notes your entire team can see
  • See whether any of your colleagues have a connection to a leadership team member—and how strong that connection really is

This is where we’re going to see dealmakers able to make the most of the time they spend prospecting. Spending less time context-switching and on administrative tasks means more time can be spent critically evaluating possible deals. Affinity Pathfinder really is a prospecting superpower. 

Get more details here—watch between 7:50 - 9:16.

Flexible collaboration options for better team decision making

While Affinity’s information transparency enables you to tap into the collective brainpower and network of your firm, we also recognize that not every piece of data should be visible to every person at your firm.  

With new permission settings, you’re now able to create content with the peace of mind that they’re only visible to groups of users you’ve selected. Admins have control over how the following data is shared:

  • Meeting notes
  • Logged interactions
  • Entity notes
  • Files
  • Reminders

You’re also able to choose whether information is shared with everyone, teams or individuals, or kept private.

New permission settings allow teams more flexibility in how they share content. Whether you need to firewall information between business units, drive full transparency across the account, or support project-based collaboration—you can set up the specific permissions that match your team’s needs.

Get more details here—watch between 19:42 - 22:44.

You’ll find more details about all of these new features in the walkthrough webinar, hosted by our SVP of Product Andy Bryson. Start optimizing your team’s decision making today.

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