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Gain a competitive edge


Advance buyer identification

Fully leverage your collective network to find the right match for your clients.


Improve due diligence

Tap into your network to back-channel your next big deal.


Save valuable time

Affinity adds all email and calendar interactions in real-time. 

Crossed wires 5

Eliminate crossing wires

Always know who has talked to whom.


Maximize flexible workflows

Create smart lists to easily manage dealflow.


Customize privacy settings

Adjust privacy settings for your entire team’s needs.


Advanced buyer identification

Don’t just show a slide with logos of whom your team knows, win deals by proving the depth of your team's network
  • Build a smart sheet for clients with relationship history and strength
  • Share lists with clients so they can see the progress of outreach 
Data Enrichment By

Spend time on new deals,
not data entry

Affinity automatically creates contacts from your inbox




We know you have better things to do


hours of data entry saved per person a year

See how much time Affinity can save your team

Talk to sales

Smart lists to manage and leverage your network


Industry experts

Create a smart list of experts and easily filter to always find the right person for the deal.


Create bespoke lists and views to track deals in an optimized workflow.


Share view-only versions of lists with clients or prospects so they can see the power of your team’s network.


Smart triggers and reminders enable you to keep those relationships that are important to your network, from going cold.  

Instant 360° rolodex 

ANIMATION_360_V2a_R2.gif ANIMATION_360_V2a_R2

Automatically and retroactively surface every interaction your team has had and retain valuable data—even if there’s a departure.

Uncover historical communication with clients, prospects, executives, and industry experts.

  • Unearth institutional knowledge
  • Remove communication silos
  • Always know who has talked to whom

You’re in control of your privacy

You get to choose what communications data is visible.

Easily blacklist email address or hide email body or subject line to ensure your communication is private.

Show up smarter with Affinity at your fingertips

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Why our customers love Affinity

Affinity helps us close deals faster, work more efficiently, and manage the ideal inroad to potential clients as well as investors.”

Mirko Heide
Managing Director, IEG – Investment Banking Group
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leverage Affinity