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Supporting a VC’s end-to-end relationship management workflow with Affinity

A VC’s journey from deal sourcing to close isn’t linear. To support it, VCs need a CRM purpose-built for dealmaking.


Samsung Next champions the world’s
boldest and most ambitious founders,
investing primarily in AI, fintech, healthtech,
infrastructure, and metaverse.




Venture Capital



Affinity sat down with Sam Campbell, Global Venture Operations Manager & Investor at Samsung Next, to find out how his firm is using the Affinity relationship intelligence platform to stay ahead of his competitors and close more deals faster.


More effective decision-making

Samsung Next is an investment group within Samsung Electronics. A remote-first company, its team is distributed across three continents and numerous time zones. The company uses the Affinity Relationship Intelligence CRM as its single source of truth, centralizing all of the details of prospective and active portfolio companies.


“Affinity keeps everybody on the same page— whether they are in the same office or halfway
around the world, twelve time zones away,” notes Campbell. “The platform allows us to collaborate transparently and ensures we operate efficiently. Most importantly, it optimizes the founder experience: we know exactly how long they’ve been in process with us, it enables us to follow up effectively, and it never lets an email go unanswered."


Last year, Samsung Next’s team of wide-ranging experts sourced more than 4,000 companies.

Samsung Next

“Our entire global team can log into Affinity to see what’s coming through the pipeline, even if they haven’t been involved in the deal directly. So if they have specific expertise relevant to the deal, they can chime in. It lets us overcome geography to give us a global perspective on our decision-making.”

Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell
Global Venture Operations Manager & Investor

Automated pipeline management and followup

According to Campbell, the Global Next team’s favorite Affinity functionality is its automated data capture. By syncing directly with each team member’s email and calendar, Affinity logs information about calls, meetings, and emails automatically, eliminating manual data entry and freeing up their time for more important work. “We currently have more than 150 active
portfolio companies, all of which get the support of all of our teams, from investments to marketing to business development to legal,” says Campbell.


“It would be a nightmare to do all that tracking manually. We plug Affinity into our email and calendars, and the platform helps keep us aligned on all of the activity and support we provide each of our portfolio companies.”


“Affinity also pings me—in a discrete Slack channel—to alert me when the potential
deal reaches the final stages of due diligence and once we’ve committed to a deal,” Campbell reports.


Analytics and reporting
Affinity makes it easy for Next’s post-investment support platform team to remain up to date on the firm’s dealmaking, and to keep other team members informed of ongoing engagements.


“The built-in Affinity reporting dashboard gives our platform team an easy-to-use interface to generate easy-to-understand reporting automatically,” Campbell says.


Easy onboarding

Setting up your first CRM or migrating from one CRM to another can be an intimidating endeavor. Affinity’s lightweight design makes getting started easy, ensuring wider adoption
across a workgroup.


“Affinity’s customer support team was phenomenal,” remembers Campbell. “They walked us through the setup step by step and provided the guidance and tools we need to
get the most out of the platform, and they continue to be an invaluable resource as we further integrate Affinity into our workflow.”


Samsung Next and Affinity
“We’re not a bunch of strategy analysts sitting behind a desk,” Campbell says about Samsung Next. “We partner with founders who are building the future, whether that future is crypto, the metaverse, or Web 3.0.”


The Affinity relationship intelligence CRM helps keep team on the same page and support the entirety of Samsung Next’s dealmaking workflow. It has become an integral part of the firms operations.

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