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Key benchmark data for unicorns in the European venture capital industry

yellow unicorn heads soar upward, leaving gradient trails of light blue and dark blue lines that merge into bar charts

The number of unicorns in Europe is still only a fraction of those worldwide, but the group is on a steep upward trajectory. The continent is now home to over 390 unicorns—privately held startup companies valued at over $1B. One-third passed the billion-dollar mark in 2021 alone.

Here are some key benchmark points for trends in European unicorns investments through the first half of 2022, including:

  1. The distribution of European unicorns by city and country
  2. European unicorns broken out by industry
  3. The trillion-dollar value of unicorn valuation over time
  4. The rise of European decacorns and their share of unicorn value
  5. Investments received by unicorns broken out by funding round
  6. Dollars invested in European unicorns by region


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