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After years of stagnation, growth in investment banking has ballooned and, many believe, shows no signs of abating. Here is the key benchmark data for the investment banking industry in 2022 after the colossal deal count of 2021, including:

  1. Global investment banking deal volume
  2. Total mandates by region
  3. Top 100 M&A deals by country
  4. Top 100 M&A deal by industry
  5. Top investment bank providers 2016-2021
  6. Top 3 most infamous deals that went south in 2021
  7. Gender diversity among 2021's top dealmakers
1. Global IB deal volume. Deal volume in 2021 reached its highest level since 2015. Image: Two blue and yellow cylindrical bar charts. Left: 36,407 deals in 2015 Right: 41,376 deals in 2021
2. Mandates by regiion. European deal volume grew by 37.4%, recovering from a 7-year low. Image: A map of Europe with two, teal concentric circles. The inner circle says "2020" and represents 8,314 mandates. The outer circle is labeled "2021" and represents 10,956 mandates.
3. Top M&A deals by country in 2021. The lion's share of 2021's 100 largest M&A deals came from the U.S., UK, and Germany. Image: Left: A yellow to green gradient of a map of the United States with a pie chart and number below it showing 58% of the total mandates. Middle: A green to teal gradient map of the UK with a pie chart and number below it showing 9% of the total mandates. Right: A teal to blue gradient map of Germany with a pie chart and number below it showing 3% of the total mandates.
4. Top M&A deals by industry. Software, IT, and Commercial Products and Services all saw an increase in deals. Image: Four large teal gears in a line with three small gears between them. From left to right, the large gears have percentages of total deals by industry on them. Left: 8% commercial services. Left-middle: 10% software. Right-middle: 7% commercial products. Right: 5% IT
5. Top investment bank providers 2016-2021. The list of the top 10 banks in the world is short. In the past 6 years, only 18 banks have made the list. Image: Each bank name has an associated number of yellow, green, teal, and blue colored dots representing the total times that bank was listed in the top 10, measured by deal count. Goldman Sachs: 6 Morgan Stanley: 6 J.P. Morgan: 6 Credit Suisse: 6 Wells Fargo: 5 BofA Securities: 5 Canaccord Genuity: 5 Houlihan Lokey: 5 Raymond James Financial: 4 Stifel Financial: 2 Deutsche Bank: 2 RBC Capital Markets: 1 KPMG Corporate Finance: 1 JPMorgan Chase: 1 KeyBank: 1 Huntington National Bank: 1 Piper Sandler: 1 William Blair & Company: 1
6. Top 3 most infamous deals that went south in 2021. Top 3 most infamous deals signed and terminated in 2021.  Image: Pinterest icon of a stylized letter P with a yellow and orange bar next to it. The yellow represents Microsoft's $51B bid to buy them. The orange PayPal's $45B bid. Intstacart's carrot logo with an orange and red bar next to it. The orange represents DoorDash's $45B bid to buy them. The red Uber's $45B bid. A stylized "wtw" for Willis Towers Watson with a red bar next to it. The red represents Aon's $30B bid to buy them.
7. Gender diversity among 2021's top dealmakers. Of the top 20 dealmakers in 2021, only one was a woman.  Image: Twenty, grey cartoon silhouettes of people. One is highlighted in white. A dotted line is drawn from the highlighted person to a headshot of Anu Aiyengar of JP Morgan Chase. A woman with black hair wearing a suit jacket and a large chain necklace.
Text: investment banking industry benchmark report: mergers and acquisitions edition. Read the full report. "Read now" text on a yellow button. Image: gradient blue, teal, and yellow lines forming an abstract bar chart
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