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At Affinity Campfire 2023, our Chief Product Officer, Andy Bryson revealed our AI strategy and three new product changes that are leading the way in our focus in the AI space.

Our vision is clear: to boost productivity and effectiveness by freeing you from time spent capturing and gathering information and giving you the information you need to make informed decisions across the entire life of a deal.

Our product changes span across the CRM and Affinity Pathfinder (Chrome extension), and Affinity for Outlook, giving you access to to Affinity’s powerful insights everywhere you’ve already come to expect our relationship intelligence and CRM capabilities.

Affinity Industry Insights

Our first focus is on the early stages of a deal with ‘Affinity Industry Insights’. Later this year, Affinity users* will be able to immediately get a picture of a company’s market landscape by pulling up their profile within Affinity’s Pathfinder Chrome extension.

Affinity Industry Insights is a new tab that highlights companies that compete with or sell to the same audience as a target prospect you’re viewing. It also augments the list with specific insights like product offerings, competitive advantages, risks, and monetization strategies so you can quickly get a picture of the industry that a company you’re interested belongs to—as well as their place within it.

Clicking into any of these companies will take you to that company’s specific Affinity record so you can dive into Affinity’s firmographic, funding, and growth data as well as view whether anyone on your team has a relationship and history of interaction and notes with that company.

Industry Insights will shorten the amount of time you spend in the early stage of deal assessments and market research, allowing you to focus only on the right deals for your firm.

Affinity Notetaker

Following the early stages of a deal, as you meet with founders and key leaders of a company, you have a unique opportunity to get fresh information and data points that inform your proprietary insights about a specific investment opportunity.

Often, capturing this information throughout a deal means someone on the team has to focus on listening and writing down their information, leading to fractured focus and perhaps missed follow up questions. Following the conclusion of a meeting, we know there is a lot of time spent improving and formatting a set of notes to ensure you or your teammates can have all the context you need in the future.

With Affinity Notetaker, we’ve solved this by providing an AI-driven meeting companion that takes meeting notes and produces a transcript of your meeting, then syncs it to the Affinity records of the people and companies on the call. Best of all, we’ve designed Affinity Notetaker to understand the context of private capital dealmaking so you can confidently return to those notes knowing that it has captured accurate insights that are relevant to your work.

Affinity Notetaker is compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams and will be available later this year.

Affinity Deal Assist

Throughout the qualification and vetting of a deal there are inflection points where dealmakers need a memo or tear sheets that summarizes all of the insights that the team gleaned from research and interactions with a target company and its leadership.

But doing this means you need to sift through notes created after research or from meetings, dive into file attachments provided to you from a founder or their team, or revisit multiple emails with founders where you glean specific information about their company.

With further time spent analyzing and forming a point of view before distilling it all into a document.

With Affinity Deal Assist, your proprietary insights from those notes, attachments, and emails will be made available to you as snippets you can use in your analysis and reporting, and will be searchable with a quick natural language interface on your company profile.

We’re also excited to offer access to this intelligence through a bot-like feature where you can drill even deeper into the details about each company.

Affinity Deal Assist is coming in Spring 2024.

*All Affinity AI features detailed here are only available to customers with an Affinity Enterprise license. Click here to learn more about Affinity’s Enterprise tier.

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