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As a dealmaker, you spend a lot of time in your inbox. It’s where relationships are nurtured, and it’s where deals progress. 

That’s why we’ve developed an extension that brings the Affinity CRM to where you work—because you shouldn’t need to leave your inbox to close deals. 

With Affinity for Outlook, you can take these actions from right within your inbox:

Manage your deal pipeline from your inbox

  • Update deal and profile information as it’s received
  • Manage your deal pipeline

Become a more efficient relationship management team

  • Get relationship information from prospects
  • Check team member interactions

Conduct research from your inbox 

  • Assess deal fit
  • Get context about founders and company leaders 

Keep reading to learn how you can use Affinity for Outlook to reduce context switching and make your daily workflows more efficient. 

Manage your deal pipeline from your inbox

Deals can evolve as quickly as your relationships and communications do. Affinity for Outlook makes it easy to capture and share information from your inbox, so you never need to remember to update Affinity CRM after engaging with an email.

Here are two CRM actions you can now take from Outlook:

1. Update deals, people, and companies with new information

With Affinity for Outlook, you can view and update lists, people, company, and opportunity profiles without leaving your inbox. And if you need to create a note based on some new information in an email, you can do that from Outlook, too.

As you engage and re-engage with people over the course of a deal, your team will also see this new information from their inbox. No more switching between email and the Affinity CRM to stay updated. 

2. Update and manage your deal pipeline

Create new deals from Outlook when prospects email you. With Affinity for Outlook, you can create opportunities, add to lists, and assign an account owner without ever leaving your inbox.

And as you progress through the deal with ongoing email communication, you and your team can update opportunities and manage your pipeline with new information from Outlook. 

Become a more efficient relationship management team

Dealmaking is a team sport made up of a series of hand-offs. Affinity for Outlook smooths out these hand-offs by eliminating crossed wires and democratizing information across all team members. 

Now, when one of your team members gets an email, they can instantly check whether someone else from the firm has an existing relationship with the sender—keeping everyone looking professional with the prospect.

Here are two new relationship management actions you can take from Outlook:

1. Get more context about prospects

When you get an email from someone, Affinity for Outlook will automatically surface your connections to that sender, the lists they belong to, your team’s activity history with them, and notes on the sender from any team member at your firm.

As you’re looped into email threads, Affinity for Outlook is your window to that deal’s progress, meaning you can skip the catch-up meetings and ad hoc conversations.

2. Check team members engagements from your inbox

Need a warm introduction to a prospect? Access the same connections and relationship strengths you see in Affinity with a search of your inbox.

A quick search will also allow you to avoid duplicating work by contacting a prospect who’s already in touch with your team. Stay on the same page and be sure you’re dedicating time to the right opportunities.

Conduct research from your inbox 

Your inbox is where many of your deals start—and it’s where you receive the information you need to take them further. Affinity for Outlook lets you access all the insights you use in Affinity to research, assess, and prioritize current and future investment opportunities. 

Here are two new research actions you can take from Outlook:

1. Assess deal fit with a search from your inbox

When you open an email, company profile data is automatically surfaced so you can assess deal fit. Or, when it’s the name of a company mentioned in an email that catches your eye, you can search for the company right from your inbox to assess their potential through growth, firmographic, and funding history data.

Tip: If you use the Affinity Pathfinder extension, you’re already familiar with what you’ll now be able to access in Outlook.

As ideas for companies to invest in cross your path through referral emails, industry newsletters, and cold emails, Affinity for Outlook’s search capabilities help to accelerate the evaluation process—getting you to the deals with the best fit faster.

2. Get context about founders and key leaders

As deals progress and you’re introduced to key leaders at prospect companies, Affinity for Outlook can tell you their previous track record, work experience, and biographic data. If you’ve ever wished you had LinkedIn and Crunchbase downloaded to your inbox, Affinity for Outlook is the answer.

Download the Affinity for Outlook extension

Want to save time and work more efficiently with Affinity for Outlook? Download the extension now. 


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