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Affinity helps DCM Ventures never drop the ball on important relationships


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It’s been said that only two guarantees exist in life: death and taxes. For many with a corporate occupation, however, there’s an argument to be made for adding “Meetings” to the list.

Ideas have become a valuable currency, and people are their merchants. Exchanging ideas is now increasingly important to success, and meetings are the marketplace. Be they on the phone, in person, or by using software like video conferencing, meetings have today become ubiquitous.

Further complicating matters, scheduling and coordination happens in a flurry of emails and calendar invites, all happening in real time. The sheer volume and speed of interaction can be dizzying.

When meetings, emails, and calendar invitations abound, it’s important to be able to focus and distinguish between what is and is not important.


”It makes me a better VC. All of the things I need to do on a day-to-day basis I now do in Affinity.”

Principal, DCM Ventures

“The biggest problems Affinity helps me solve are how to track all of my activity and how to prioritize my time,” says Kyle Lui, Principal at DCM Ventures. “It makes me a better VC. All of the things I need to do on a day-to-day basis I now do in Affinity.”

Perhaps equally as important is tracking every interaction - a necessary, but difficult task. Monitoring current and future obligations in a world where things happen ever more rapidly is a concern for nearly everyone.

The volume and speed of communication in this day and age make it nearly impossible to track manually. Thankfully, solutions like Affinity leverage artificial intelligence and automation to ease the burden.

In linking with users’ email and calendar data, Affinity captures every interaction with people and companies, and auto-populates the information into a powerful online interface. In doing so, Affinity also understands when the lines of communication break and a response is required.

“Affinity makes sure that I never miss an email,” says Lui. “It’s an awesome solution because sometimes the amount of email and follow-up that you have is challenging when you’re a VC.”

In many cases, questions will get asked at meetings searching for context surrounding people and companies. What was that company? Who was that person? When did we do that meeting? Combining the AI mentioned above with public data resources means that Affinity surfaces the context surrounding every interaction a user has ever had with anyone.

Lui concluded: “It’s simple. Affinity makes you a smarter, more organized networker. For me, that means I’m better at what I do.”



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