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Find, Manage, and Close More Deals 

The relationship intelligence platform for dealmakers

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Over 2000 organizations close deals with Affinity

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The Relationship Intelligence Benchmark Report: M&A Edition

Guides and whitepapers

The Relationship Intelligence Benchmark Report: M&A Edition

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Using Relationship Intelligence to Drive M&A


Using Relationship Intelligence to Drive M&A

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The Relationship Intelligence Benchmark Report: Unicorn Edition

Guides and whitepapers

The Relationship Intelligence Benchmark Report: Unicorn Edition

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Insights that Drive Deals

Find and drive deals with relationship intelligence based on your whole team’s network and activities. No need to ask “Do we know someone at that company?” or “Who knows that CEO the best?”

  • Find the best path to the introduction that will create an opportunity or close a deal
  • Understand a founder, buyer, or seller with deep, enriched data
  • Drive firm-wide deal-making improvements with relationship and pipeline analytics
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Relationship Intelligence

Freedom from CRM Data Drudgery

No more time spent creating contact profiles, no more long deployment projects, and no more CRMs that no one uses.

  • Automate contact profile creation and management, freeing up 180 hours that you can spend on deal-making
  • Deploy relationship intelligence and your CRM in days rather than the months required by legacy platforms
  • Excite your team with a beautiful CRM platform that all of them will use
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Confidence to Collaborate

Deliver the confidence your whole team needs to take action, advance deals, and build relationships. Trust every profile and know every engagement with your target audience.

  • See the history of every engagement with a contact and lock in the next step
  • Collaborate with confidence, with team activity and pipeline all in one place
  • Know that contact and company profile data is accurate with automated updates and enrichment
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Security is our priority

We take all precautions necessary to ensure your privacy is respected and your information is secure. Affinity is compliant with SOC 2 and GDPR.

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Why our customers love Affinity

“Affinity keeps us organized! It is perfectly tailored to what we need. Cataloging all of our emails and grouping them by organization made it much easier to track contacts and report on how we’re managing deal flow. ”


Jocelyn Goldfein
Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners; formerly Director of Engineering, Facebook

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Tuesday Capital


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