How to build a VC tech stack to streamline your deal flow and strengthen your relationships

Keshvi Radia
Head of Product
Balderton Capital
Dan Polonka
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

As we continue to see the market landscape continue to shift, dealmakers who have already prioritized investment in an agile technology stack find themselves at a distinct advantage, with others now racing to keep up. A strong VC technology stack allows venture capital firms to operate smoothly, efficiently, and nimbly.

In our webinar, we’ll hear from Keshvi Radia, Head of Product, Balderton Capital on how the team has built a VC tech stack to streamline their deal flow across different workstreams and strengthen their relationships.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to innovate your tech stack to prioritize efficiency and internal adoption with example use cases
  • How to build in fundraising and portfolio management workflows into your deal flow management
  • Best practices for driving firm-wide adoption of new technologies and the Affinity CRM

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