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Sales Activity Capture Software for Dealmakers

A platform built for relationship-driven dealmaking

Capture your most important deal activity with a purpose-built dealmaking platform. Close more deals and build better relationships with Affinity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do firms invest in sales activity capture software?

Investing in new, dealmaker-focused sales activity capture software can make your team members faster and more successful at sourcing and closing deals; depending on the previous generation of software solutions though can slow the dealmaking process to a crawl. Fast-moving deal sales teams invest in sales activity capture software designed for dealmakers to:

  • Automate contact data entry and eliminate the drudgery of manual data entry
  • Ensure contact data retains accuracy
  • Improve visibility across the team by removing data siloes

Automated contact and activity capture is especially important for today’s deal teams. When data is captured automatically and stored in a single CRM platform, it frees deal team members from the burden of hours of manual data entry, giving them more time to focus on building critical relationships and progressing deals. 

Data capture automation also improves visibility across the team. Sharing your “data exhaust”—details found in email communications, meetings, and contact information such as names, roles, industry, and source of introduction—gives your team more confidence in the deal and relationship data they need in order to accelerate dealmaking, build better customer relationships, and improve sales engagement. Data silos—one of the biggest hurdles facing relationship-driven deal teams—are eliminated, giving everyone access to the real-time insight they need to close deals faster. And customizable privacy settings allow you to adjust which details are captured and give specific permissions to limit who can view the details of a meeting or access a file.

Finally, fully automated data entry also turns your CRM data into a single source of truth for sales managers, sales reps, and sales teams. When you can trust that contact and activity data is always complete and accurate, you can walk into any meeting with total confidence.

No more gaps in your CRM, wasted time searching for missing information or questioning the validity of the contact or sales data you’re looking at.

stop wasting time with manual data entry—give yourself time to close deals

What types of businesses use dealmaking sales activity capture software?

Firms with sophisticated, long-term sales processes rely on sales activity capture tools. Spreadsheet software like Excel and legacy CRMs like Salesforce only slow them down. This includes venture capital firms, investment banks, private equity firms, and commercial real estate companies, which benefit from advanced CRM functionality to manage relationships alongside their sales pipelines. 

Family offices, technology companies, and consultants also benefit from sales activity capture software for managing client and customer data management, pipeline forecasting, and managing revenue operations. Companies that require customizable sales enablement software solutions with reporting and analytics functionality for tracking metrics and KPIs can also use sales activity capture software effectively.

What is relationship intelligence, and how does it improve sales activity capture software?

Relationship intelligence—the insight into your team’s network, business relationships, and customer interactions that help you find, manage, and close deals—gives you deeper, more contextual, actionable insights into your team’s contact data. For deal teams, sales leaders, and salespeople, this intelligence makes the difference between having surface-level conversations and building deep, long-term relationships. 

With automated relationship intelligence, you can contextualize any relationship across your network and your team’s networks, and better connect the right people with the right deal opportunities. If you manage relationships and deals on timelines that stretch into months or years, keeping track of every detail helps you act quickly (and with confidence) when you need to. It also makes a big impact on sales reps’ and deal teams’ ability to move fast in the same direction without crossed wires.

Why do capital markets teams choose Affinity over other sales management and sales activity capture software?

Affinity’s Relationship Intelligence CRM is designed for long-term dealmaking and relationship building. Affinity automatically captures contact and activity data from emails and calendar events, and keeps the data up-to-date and accurate without any manual data entry. Deal teams can count on Affinity’s patented algorithm to automatically calculate relationship strength so they can better manage relationships over time. 

The Affinity mobile app ensures rep productivity remains consistent no matter where they work. Affinity makes it easy to manage outbound messaging and follow-ups, track KPIs, and connect to other sales tools with integrations including Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, and Mailchimp. Affinity also integrates with data sources including Crunchbase and Pitchbook. 

Talk to our team, and learn how Affinity can make a difference for your firm today.stop wasting time with manual data entry—give yourself time to close deals

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Why our customers love Affinity

“Affinity helps me solve and track all of my activity and prioritize my time. It makes me a better investor.”

Kyle Lui
Partner, DCM Ventures

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