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Private Equity Software

Relationship intelligence for private equity software

Find, manage, and close more private equity investments with Affinity’s relationship intelligence platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is private equity software?

Today’s private equity investment market is more competitive than ever. Private equity firms that want to stand out among the competition need software that will not only facilitate dealmaking but really support the most important piece of their business—relationships to people in their network. Deal lifecycles don’t start with a contract, they start with a connection, and private equity firms rely on the strength and quality of their team members’ relationships. The right PE software can empower dealmakers to find, manage, and close more deals than the competition. 

Your PE software needs to be more than a CRM, a virtual data room (VDR), or an accounting software tool. These elements of a private equity tech stack need to work together if you want your team to be able to leverage their relationships and streamline their dealmaking. A purpose-built SaaS solution for dealmaking, for example, should offer the ability to source deals, track and forecast deal flow, and accelerate deal management—all while offering insights into relationship quality and strength.

The right private equity software will enable team members to work across departments and coordinate across software platforms with both native and custom integrations. From LP to GP to fund managers, everyone needs access to a single source of truth and to be able to easily access up-to-date information about people, portfolio companies, providers, and transactions. 

What is included in leading private equity software and why?

Private equity deals are growing increasingly more complex, and spreadsheets and similar legacy solutions are no longer sufficient for managing your dealflow pipeline. Dealmakers’ responsibilities include everything from pre-diligence research to conducting due diligence, investment management, investor reporting, and so much more. Purpose-built software can offer firms a sophisticated, thorough, and technology-driven approach to their investment workflows.

Purpose-built private equity software includes features such as deal, contact, analytics, investor reporting, and pipeline management and can connect directly to platforms that support portfolio monitoring, fundraising, and valuations.

Whether your firm manages one transaction at a time or dozens, private equity software can give your firm a competitive advantage by pairing this feature set with automation and relationship intelligence—insights into your team’s collective network, business connections, and customer interactions that help you find, manage, and close deals. The consolidation of these features into one, intuitive, easy-to-learn software solution makes onboarding easier and encourages greater team-wide adoption.

How does relationship intelligence streamline PE dealmaking?

Behind every won deal is a relationship; many of these relationships begin many months or years before they became an opportunity. Relationship intelligence streamlines the process of relationship management for private equity dealmakers so that they can focus their time on building, nurturing, and sustaining relationships that can lead to closed-won deals. 

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Affinity’s AI-driven algorithms provide insights into your team’s entire network, including business relationships and customer interactions. These insights can help you make informed decisions on which next steps to take on an important deal—ranging from who is the best person to advance a connection to whether or not anyone on the team knows someone at a new organization that you’re targeting.

Why are private equity funds investing in dealmaking technology like Affinity?

Dealmaking technology like Affinity offers firms a software platform that functions as a single source of truth for the entire team. By capturing your “data exhaust”—details that are automatically captured from email communications, meetings, and contact information such as names, roles, industry, and source of introduction—your team keeps all of your most valuable information together. Consolidating this data that would otherwise be scattered across spreadsheets and Post-it notes helps PE firms ensure that everyone on the team can see the appropriate (and correct) information at any stage of the deal process.

By capturing this “data exhaust” automatically, you can use your data to gain real-time insights into your deals that can mean the difference between winning a deal and losing out on an opportunity. Dealmaking technology like Affinity also enables you to build customizable reporting and analytics dashboards to visualize your most valuable KPIs and performance metrics.

What questions should PE firms ask as they explore private equity software?

If your private equity tech stack is currently made up of disparate tools like spreadsheets, fundraising platforms, and investor portals, you might want to make sure that your most important components—from the Microsoft suite to Google Workspace—can easily integrate with new software you’re considering. Even more importantly, can you use new software to consolidate your tech stack? 

Other questions to consider include: 

  • Do they have an API or an option for custom integrations?

  • How easy is portfolio management?

  • Is the pricing within my budget? 

  • Does it offer the features I need (not too few or too many)?

Why do private equity investors choose Affinity over alternative deal management platforms?

Affinity is a best-in-class deal management platform, purpose-built for capital markets, from private equity and venture capital to investment banking. With relationship-driven deals, the quality of your relationships directly impacts the quality of your deal flow and the length of your deal cycle.

Affinity’s relationship intelligence platform includes AI-driven algorithms to give private equity investors deep insights, and the automated data entry and data enrichment features give them more time to act on those insights. Sophisticated PE professionals choose tools that offer a competitive advantage with their business processes; learn how they’re using Affinity today. Talk to our team to learn more.

stop wasting time with manual data entry—give yourself time to close deals

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Why our customers love Affinity

“Affinity has become a daily tool that is ingrained in our workflow. I get a richness of data that didn’t exist before.”

Burke Davis
Vice President, Sorenson Capital

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