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Sales Pipeline Management Software for Dealmakers

A platform built for relationship-driven dealmaking

Deal pipeline management requires more than funnel management. Close more deals and build better relationships with Affinity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dealmakers need sales pipeline management software?

Pipeline management is a foundational task for dealmakers; a platform that supports managing that process is table stakes in a world dominated by software solutions, but not all platforms are created equal. Effective deal and sales pipeline management software for dealmakers will be different from software designed for salespeople who work within a traditional sales funnel with shorter sales cycles. 

In relationship-driven industries like venture capital, private equity, and investment banking, deal cycles can span months or years, and this longer sales process requires dealmakers to find a platform to help them track, manage, and close deals and help automate that process so they aren’t spending hours of their week entering data.

A purpose-built pipeline management platform also ensures that dealmakers can easily identify potential bottlenecks, build more accurate forecasting models, and watch for the best deal, regardless of the deal size.

How does having your pipeline management and customer relationship management in one platform accelerate your dealmaking?

Today’s capital market firms move fast. Investment banking, private equity, consulting, venture capital—they are all markets where a team’s most valuable assets are its relationships. A platform that integrates sales pipeline management and client relationship management (CRM) software into one offering provides maximum functionality and reduces room for error that comes with the drudgery of manual contact data management.

stop wasting time with manual data entry—give yourself time to close deals

By combining your CRM and pipeline management processes into a single place (and choosing a capital markets CRM) your team can trust that in key moments throughout the deal process, they’ll be able to access vital information about the people and organizations involved. With automated data capture they can act with confidence knowing the data is accurate and up-to-date. 

Choosing a single source of truth for all of your deal and contact data also ensures that you never miss information related to new opportunities or new leads as they come in. Additionally, you can easily build analytics dashboards and report on key KPIs and metrics that matter to your team.

These reports can provide insights into conversion rates, team productivity and performance, or more detailed breakdowns of which of your deals have historically been the most successful ordered by parameters like location, company size, and industry—all details that already live in your CRM.

How can relationship intelligence streamline your sales pipeline management?

Your pipeline management platform should facilitate deal flow and relationship building. You can take this a step further by relying on relationship intelligence—insights into your team’s network, business relationships, and customer interactions that help you track, manage, and close deals. 

Relationship intelligence takes your team beyond just knowing who’s in their collective network. With modern relationship intelligence software like Affinity, algorithms identify relationship depth, quality, and quantity, across all team members—this is invaluable information for the different stages of deal flow.

Relationship intelligence and enriched industry data can ease the process of identifying decision-makers at companies you’re considering investing in or find new introductions.

As you explore the right relationship intelligence platforms, evaluate Affinity and other CRM and sales pipeline management solutions on the market to make the right decision for your team.

When it’s time for initial outreach to a potential investor or company, your team can act with the confidence that the person most closely connected to the lead is making the introduction. With the right platform, lead management doesn’t have to be complicated or complex. Being able to process and analyze all the available data provides an edge to dealmakers who are determined to win deals. Whether your company is a small business or a large enterprise firm, relationship intelligence is necessary for today’s competitive market.

Why do capital market companies invest in pipeline management software like Affinity?

The ability to see your entire deal pipeline at any pipeline stage is critical for capital market companies managing a wide range of rapidly evolving deals over long periods. By providing a real-time view of where every opportunity in your deal pipeline, individual team members can be sure that certain deals—and contacts—aren’t falling through the cracks. 

Relying on pipeline management software supported by relationship intelligence ensures teams never miss a follow-up for a lucrative opportunity. Intelligent CRM software like Affinity provides:

  • A single place for managing all of your deal and sales activities
  • Email and notes templates for outreach to clients and prospects
  • Automated contact and deal activity capture
  • Relationship intelligence insights—enriched further by proprietary and external partner datasets

All of these elements combine to give your team the information they need to make more informed, data-driven decisions and close quality deals.

close deals faster with a CRM driven by relationship intelligence. Want to learn how? Click here to talk to our team now

What features should a dealmaker keep in mind as they evaluate a pipeline management tool?

If your team is considering a new pipeline management tool, it can be overwhelming to begin. Some platforms include features such as email marketing, lead management, project management, CRM functionality, and integrations to various apps ranging from those listed here to social media platforms, how do you decide what is mission-critical?

The first step is to understand your prospective pipeline management tool’s capacity for automation. Automation increases the time your team has available to focus on what they do best: finding, nurturing, and building both new and old relationships. A truly automated pipeline management tool should automatically capture your team’s “data exhaust”—details from phone calls, emails, and meetings—so you have access to every connection at any time. This data can then be incorporated into reports to provide deeper insights into the types of connections your team is making. Automating the data capture process also decreases the risk of error that accompanies manual data entry.

Check out these pipeline management and CRM alternatives as you weigh your software options.

Another important thing to consider is which integrations the pipeline management tool offers. Your pipeline management software should be at the heart of your tech stack because when your platform integrates with other tools your team relies on like Gmail or Slack, you can trust that data from interactions that occur outside of the pipeline software won’t get missed or forgotten. This includes any activity you’d like captured on the go from deals being managed via the platform’s mobile app.

During the investigation process into software options, you may have close contact with various sales reps. What’s more important, however, is how accessible and reliable the company’s customer support is. If something stops working at an inopportune moment, you want to be able to get the necessary help for your team, not wait several days—or even weeks—for a resolution.

Some platforms link different tiers of customer support to their pricing. Make sure that the features your firm needs are available for the pricing that’s in your budget.

Why do teams choose Affinity over other available platforms for their pipeline management?

Capital market pipelines are more complex than traditional sales processes and face unique management challenges compared to industries with more transactional, short sales cycles. These teams need to manage a non-linear deal pipeline while also maintaining and nurturing a vast, living network of connections and relationships.

Workflow automation, relationship intelligence, and data capture can streamline the dealmaking process and give dealmakers the time to do their best work. Customizable reports and actionable insights direct team members to the next best steps for every new opportunity.

Traditional CRM platforms like Salesforce or Pipedrive are sufficient for transactional industries, but dealmakers—whose business rests on their relationships—need something more. Affinity’s relationship intelligence platform offers detailed insights into the breadth, depth, and quality of your team’s relationships. And the platform’s automated data entry and enriched contact information give your team the insights to close more deals faster.

Pipeline management becomes easy and clarifying, rather than burdensome and monotonous. Learn how Affinity and the power of relationship intelligence can improve your deal pipeline management process today.

close deals faster with a CRM driven by relationship intelligence. Want to learn how? Click here to talk to our team now

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“Affinity helps me solve and track all of my activity and prioritize my time. It makes me a better investor.”

Kyle Lui
Partner, DCM Ventures

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