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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do capital markets teams need a customer relationship management (CRM) solution?

Industries that manage complex, long-term deals, such as capital markets, rely on the strength of their relationships. Long-term relationship building leads to quality client relationships—and when it may take several years for a deal to be closed and won, you can’t rely on your memory to track all the details that matter. Savvy capital market firms have stopped using simple spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, or homegrown, cobbled-together solutions, and instead are using a capital markets CRM. 

A CRM with functionality that extends beyond a spreadsheet or a Rolodex can help your deal team quickly access real-time metrics and insights culled from contact and activity data across your team’s network. This valuable information can help your team identify the quickest and warmest path to an introduction.

What are some features capital markets teams might consider when researching CRM solutions?

When capital market teams begin to consider CRM software, it’s important that they keep the user experience front and center. If a CRM software solution is cumbersome or difficult to learn, it could negatively impact team-wide adoption. And customer relationship management software with incomplete data isn’t useful at all. 

In addition to ease of use, capital market teams will want to decide whether or not additional features are necessary for their use case—features such as marketing automation can be nice, but will they add value? 

For example, features such as automated data entry and data enrichment from industry sources can save team members hundreds of hours per year. Automation then, might be important for your team to consider. Freedom from the drudgery of manual data entry offers dealmakers the freedom to do what they do best—find, build, and nurture relationships that can lead to closing deals.

Why are capital markets firms investing in dealmaking technology like Affinity?

Dealmaking technology like Affinity offers capital market firms a single source of truth for their entire organization—everyone, whether they are permanently remote, in the office, or traveling, can access the most current and accurate information from the CRM. Teams that can trust the accuracy and completeness of information they are accessing more readily and confidently collaborate. 

The automated data capture and data enrichment that Affinity offers allow team members to focus on client and investor relations. This ability to leverage their time by tending to their most valuable activity—nurturing relationships—can give capital markets firms a competitive advantage in a fast-paced and crowded industry.

How can relationship intelligence streamline dealmaking for capital markets professionals?

Capital markets professionals are relying on more advanced tools with capabilities beyond legacy CRM systems like Salesforce. Relationship intelligence is game-changing for firms that can leverage it to their advantage. Affinity’s relationship intelligence CRM streamlines dealmaking with automated data capture, data enrichment, and actionable insights that lead to new connections and opportunities. 

Features like relationship scoring can quantify the depth, quality, and quantity of a firm’s collective network and open the door to new deals. This elevates the information stored in the CRM beyond a simple data warehouse or a record of who-knows-whom and into a map that provides a path to using that data to support new business. Your team can trust that the best person for an introduction is readily identified, leading to a better chance at closing—and winning a deal.

Why do capital markets firms choose Affinity over other available CRMs?

Capital markets firms choose Affinity over other CRMs because they want to encourage their team members to focus on relationship-building rather than on the drudgery of manual data entry or spending time searching for missing or outdated data. When you and your team can trust that critical data is accurate and complete, you can follow through on actionable insights with confidence and clarity. 

Affinity’s automated data capture and enriched datasets, combined with relationship intelligence, offer teams valuable insights that can be turned into won deals. Talk to an Affinity team member today to learn more about how a relationship intelligence CRM can make a difference for your business.

stop wasting time with manual data entry—give yourself time to close deals