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Find, manage, and close more deals with Affinity’s CRM—by bringing together relationship intelligence, deal sourcing, deal flow management, and analytics that integrate directly with how you prefer to work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have deal flow management software?

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Deal flow management software enables teams to track every aspect of a deal—from deal sourcing or research all the way through the deal lifecycle and into portfolio company support and new fundraising efforts. It’s an important tool at the heart of a successful investment firm’s tech stack that enables them to effectively manage opportunities, share notes, analyze engagement, and monitor important deal-relevant data points that influence due diligence or relationship nurturing. Effectively managing your pipeline and keeping every stakeholder informed throughout the deal process, from Partners and VPs to Founders and LPs, helps keep your firm aligned and able to efficiently collaborate.

The best deal flow management software should do more than just track information. It should also give you a competitive edge and make you more efficient at your job. Look for technology that:

  • Saves you time by automating low-value work so you can focus more on sourcing, deal management, and portfolio management
  • Provides strong analytics and real-time reporting features to help you better understand where the most valuable deals are coming from, how efficient your dealmaking operations are, and who on your team is having the biggest impact
  • Surfaces relationship intelligence insights across your company’s unified network to help you identify warm introduction paths faster so you can focus on closing quality deals with the highest likelihood of closing. 

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How does relationship intelligence software improve deal flow management?

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Relationships shape your business, and using CRM software supported by relationship intelligence gives your team data-driven insights that enable them to make confident investment decisions based on the most accurate, up-to-date data on the people and organizations in your firm’s collective network. This in turn makes the deal management process easier and makes your team more efficient at not only driving deals but also managing the relationships that support them.

While a basic deal flow management tool can be a good place for a new company or startup to begin, once deal velocity increases, it’s time to consider a solution with more robust deal flow management functionality that can scale with your business.

An intelligent CRM platform not only tracks all of your team’s “data exhaust”—people and organization details automatically pulled from your email, calendar, and meeting invitations—so you’re freed from the drudgery of manual data entry, they also provide insights into your best potential warm introductions, proprietary and industry partner datasets, and detailed reporting and analytics that give you a complete picture of your entire deal flow management process.

Why are capital market companies investing in dealmaking technology like Affinity for deal flow management?

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Teams in industries like venture capital, private equity, corporate venture capital, accelerators, family offices, and investment banks have a lot in common—particularly when it comes to managing deal flow. Deals in these industries are driven by relationships and are long-term commitments to potentially years-long deal processes versus the transactional, short-term sales of traditional sales teams.

Securing the best deal takes time and rapport, which means the software to support them should go beyond a simple deal pipeline view or a manually updated spreadsheet. Capital markets companies are investing in Affinity for deal flow management because it’s a platform purpose-built for relationship-driven dealmaking, not just sales.

Affinity helps capital market firms contextualize relationships and act on always-complete, up-to-date deal and contact data. When you’re managing deal flow with Affinity, your network becomes a competitive advantage.

Why do dealmakers choose Affinity over other deal flow management software?

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Affinity CRM is a deal flow management software solution that helps you and your team manage complex deal flow pipelines by automating manual processes like data entry, contact management, and activity capture. When you can consolidate deal flow management, automated data capture and enrichment, and relationship intelligence in one software solution—your team can focus more on efficiently driving new deals and effectively nurturing relationships without the risk of losing track of valuable information.

Why our customers love Affinity

"Affinity keeps us organized! It is perfectly tailored to what we need. Cataloging all of our emails and grouping them by an organization made it much easier to track contacts and report on how we’re managing deal flow. "
Adam Struck
Founder and Managing Partner, Struck Capital
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"Affinity has helped us centralize our CRM efforts in the most automated way. By organizing our pipeline, community, to-do’s, and distributing our Alliances to portfolio companies. "
Michael Tam
Partner, Craft Ventures
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"All our data is now centralized in Affinity, so information is never siloed with a single team member and we all understand the relationships among the entire team’s business network."
Kevin Zhang
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
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I built one of the first CRMs — Dynodex — in 1989, I feel like I’ve been waiting for a decent replacement for 30 years, now I’ve found it in Affinity. It automates many of the rote tasks and “digital fork-lifting” of legacy CRMs
Brian Smiga
Partner, Alpha Venture Partners
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"We’re really impressed by the speed that the Affinity team operates and the availability of the team. "
Christian Meermann
Founding Partner, Cherry Ventures
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"Within weeks of moving to Affinity, we were able to easily discover and manage the thousands of entrepreneur and venture community relationships already latent within our team. What’s more, the Affinity Alliances professional network has helped us quickly build new and valuable connections. "
Eric Emmons
Managing Partner, MassMutual Ventures
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"A product that has truly changed the way I work and made me so much more efficient across the team! Amazing and recommend to all! "
Harry Stebbings
Founder, Stride.VC
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"Having all the documents and information in one place without having to clamp around on different systems is really valuable. Affinity is a massive time saver and enables us to be super-efficient."
Sam Endacott
Investor, firstminute capital
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"Managing your relationships is everything in commercial real estate. Affinity allows us to manage more clients and all our data in one place. That will lead to more top-line for our business. '
Michael Sanberg
Leasing and Sales, Touchstone
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"Affinity Alliances truly operationalizes our executive network. I use it every day to better understand the relationships I can leverage across Fidelity."
Alessandro Vigilante
VP Corporate Business Development, Fidelity
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“We've started to use Affinity Pathfinder on websites and LinkedIn, and it’s very valuable. It's easy for somebody to go to a website and see who we know without having to go to Affinity and look it up.”
Caroline Haun
Operations Director, 8VC
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“A lot of CRMs provide structured data management, but in the end we had to do the data entry ourselves, and that was a no-go for us. Affinity’s automation and data enrichment meant we could focus on the thing that really matters to us: building relationships, gaining insights, and supporting the portfolio companies.”
Sven Rossmann
Chief Investment Officer, ABACON CAPITAL
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“We tracked 1,000 companies that turned into nine investments—with Affinity we now understand the characteristics that led to those investments so we can make better investments, faster.”
Amy Francetic
Managing General Partner, Buoyant Ventures
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"We use Affinity Analytics to slice and dice everything to understand our decision making and see if there's a pattern. Feedback cycles in VC are long by nature. So we really try to make the most of the few information points available."
Fabian Krautwurst
Principal, Cavalry Ventures
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“There are a lot of jobs to be done in venture. We’re always sourcing and fundraising, but we're also always looking to be human in those processes, and Affinity helps us do that most effectively.”
Kelly Graziadei
Founder & General Partner, f7 Ventures
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“Affinity creates visibility across teams, so if an investor chatted with someone […], then folks from our portfolio development team can go into that company's profile in Affinity and see how long the two have been communicating and ask for an introduction. That is the relationship intelligence that we're trying to unlock and super-power within Munich Re Ventures.”
Pedro Carrasco
Senior Operations Manager, Munich Re Ventures
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“When founders come to me with requests, I use our network to source solutions. I call Affinity our ‘relationship ChatGPT’ because this is how we keep track of folks in our network.”
Amira Ouji
Senior Director of Portfolio Success, Revolution's Rise of the Rest Fund
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“What attracted us to Affinity was the fact that they were really focused on Venture Capital customers… this is a CRM for VCs.”
Nolan English
Director of Portfolio Services, SOSV
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“The combination of the CRM value plus a database approach for deal flow management is ultimately why we ended up going with Affinity.”
J. Skyler Fernandes
Founder and General Partner, VU Ventures
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"Investment banking is nothing, if not, a relationship business, and Affinity is now core to our success."
Rudy Burger
Founder and Managing Partner, Woodside Capital Partners
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"Our clients want to know that we have key access to decision-makers. We’re able to show them this by showing them the core of our CRM system—Affinity. It’s about being honest and truthful—that is what matters to clients."
Mirko Heide
Managing Director, IEG
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"Because Affinity is more intuitive [than our old system], you don’t have to go through a big training program. If we wanted to properly scale our old system, it would have taken up to twenty hours of onboarding training for new team members. Now, everyone is able to use Affinity immediately."
Michael Lamm
Co-founder & Managing Partner, CAS
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“We're using Affinity, and we have a way better view of our network and of who we know; and what, when, why do we know people; and when do we know that from, because previously, we didn't really. Now, we have a way better and way more effective method of engaging with the people we know, and getting productivity out of that.”
Leo Walde
Partner, Armira
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