Salesforce Sync

New relationship insights to help you accelerate deal flow

Manage deals and relationships more intelligently with new Salesforce triggers, deeper reports, and richer relationship insights.

Confidently make better dealmaking decisions with insights you haven’t had access to before

Affinity and Salesforce’s direct integration allows you to access always up-to-date relationship, deal, and activity insights in Salesforce—as well as your everyday tools like email and web browser. You can also manage deals and relationships more intelligently by building automated workflows, triggers, and custom reports in Salesforce with Affinity’s relationship intelligence insights and proprietary data enrichment.

Incorporate relationship intelligence

Get new data points about your relationships and deals in Salesforce to help you better manage deal flow and relationships. By analyzing your firm's history of interactions through inbox and calendar data, as well as your logged Salesforce activities—Affinity will help you identify every connection your firm has with external people and companies, the complete interaction history of those relationships, and the strength of each relationship scored on level of engagement. With this data you'll be able to identify warm introductions, align with team members in moving deals forward, and close deals faster.

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Add triggers for new insights

Ensure every relationship and deal is managed effectively with Affinity’s relationship intelligence insights integrated into your Salesforce workflows. Consistently stay top of mind with key relationships by setting reminder triggers when a relationship score hits a specific threshold or specific company insight changes—to provide a relevant reason to spark up a good conversation.

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Analyze your dealmaking more deeply

Keep your deal flow moving efficiently by incorporating metrics like employee growth, funding data, team activity, relationship scores, and more to your Salesforce reports. Accurately analyze with confidence that you’re focusing your resources on the right deals and connecting with opportunities at the perfect time based on relevant company milestones they are experiencing.

The CRM Enhancement Guide

Relationship intelligence and automation driving deals

Financial services dealmaking has fundamentally changed with the end of cheap capital and reduced operational and IT budgets. Many firms are questioning whether they are getting a sufficient return from their CRM, deal data, and deal tool investments. Read our CRM Enhancement Guide to find out how to successfully increase Salesforce adoption across the team and maximize the value it can bring to your dealmaking.

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Why customers love Affinity

"I’ll check my Alliances weekly to see which new ones I can form. As we scale, Affinity’s Alliance will be instrumental to our growth. "
Paul Ipavec
Business Development Lead, Anduin
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"We’re really impressed by the speed that the Affinity team operates and the availability of the team. "
Christian Meermann
Founding Partner, Cherry Ventures
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"Within weeks of moving to Affinity, we were able to easily discover and manage the thousands of entrepreneur and venture community relationships already latent within our team. What’s more, the Affinity Alliances professional network has helped us quickly build new and valuable connections. "
Eric Emmons
Managing Director, MassMutual Ventures
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"A product that has truly changed the way I work and made me so much more efficient across the team! Amazing and recommend to all! "
Harry Stebbings
Founder, Stride.VC
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"With Affinity, we can easily revisit firms at appropriate times and know what the next steps should be. I’m very excited to see where the product goes."
Henry Jefferies
Associate, Dawn Capital
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"Affinity Alliances truly operationalizes our executive network. I use it every day to better understand the relationships I can leverage across Fidelity."
Alessandro Vigilante
VP Corporate Business Development, Fidelity
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