Automated CRM Records

Eliminating CRM Data Drudgery

Source deals faster, get smart on people and companies instantly, and efficiently prioritize deal flow with a more automated Salesforce CRM.

Save every employee hundreds of hours of manual work per year

Painful manual data entry process can lead to incomplete, inaccurate data—which ultimately steers deal team members away from using or trusting the insights and activity in Salesforce. This contributes to the erosion of a company's Salesforce ROI as deal teams are not getting the business insights they need due to incomplete, inaccurate logged CRM data. Save 200+ hours of manual data entry and updates per employee per year with Affinity for Salesforce's automated record creation and enrichment. Every person you interact with automatically creates a CRM record that is enriched with the additional data and insights you need to successfully build deals. Every interaction with a contact across your entire company is also captured, giving deal teams complete visibility they can trust to quickly and confidently move deals forward.

Eliminate manual contact management

Affinity for Salesforce uses every email and meeting your team has to automatically create and enrich company and people records in Salesforce. This typically saves deal teams over 200 hours a year in data drudgery. With automated Salesforce record creation, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to log a person you’ve connected with that’s attached to a valuable deal or ensuring a prospect company record is created in your CRM.

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Reliable relationship context that won’t slow you down

Missing that your team has already talked to a prospect about a deal or not seeing a meeting note from a previous Zoom meeting could jeopardize a prospect's trust in your firm. Take out the guesswork when getting up to speed on a relationship with Affinity for Salesforce's capturing and display of the full history of a relationship. With automated activity capture, your entire organization can confidently review the constantly evolving details of every relationship you manage across your entire organization.

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Access relationship and deal insights anywhere

Whether you’re in Salesforce CRM, your email, or your browser—instantly see who from your team has a connection with the person or company you're researching, review historical team activity, and tap into the deal data you need to make more educated decisions, faster. Minimize context switching between data sources and stay focused in your dealmaking workflow no matter what tool you're in by accessing relevant insights at the right time.

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The CRM Enhancement Guide

Relationship intelligence and automation driving deals

Financial services dealmaking has fundamentally changed with the end of cheap capital and reduced operational and IT budgets. Many firms are questioning whether they are getting a sufficient return from their CRM, deal data, and deal tool investments. Read our CRM Enhancement Guide to find out how to successfully increase Salesforce adoption across the team and maximize the value it can bring to your dealmaking.

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Why our customers love Affinity

"We’re really impressed by the speed that the Affinity team operates and the availability of the team. "
Christian Meermann
Founding Partner, Cherry Ventures
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"Within weeks of moving to Affinity, we were able to easily discover and manage the thousands of entrepreneur and venture community relationships already latent within our team. What’s more, the Affinity Alliances professional network has helped us quickly build new and valuable connections. "
Eric Emmons
Managing Director, MassMutual Ventures
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"A product that has truly changed the way I work and made me so much more efficient across the team! Amazing and recommend to all! "
Harry Stebbings
Founder, Stride.VC
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"With Affinity, we can easily revisit firms at appropriate times and know what the next steps should be. I’m very excited to see where the product goes."
Henry Jefferies
Associate, Dawn Capital
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"Affinity Alliances truly operationalizes our executive network. I use it every day to better understand the relationships I can leverage across Fidelity."
Alessandro Vigilante
VP Corporate Business Development, Fidelity
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