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Relationship Intelligence CRM

Affinity CRM delivers relationship insights, deal management, and fully automated data entry.

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Discover Affinity CRM

Automate Every Contact and Company Profile

No deal-maker should have to spend half their week creating contacts in a CRM. Affinity automates this process while enriching profiles with data that will drive action.

  • Automate contact and company profiles from inbox and calendar data
  • Enrich profiles with industry data to provide actionable insights
  • Free up over 180 hours each year to spend on meeting contacts and deal-making
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Easy Pipeline Management 

Affinity enables pipeline management for sophisticated, long-term deal-making with a familiar spreadsheet or Kanban-style view of deals from pitch to close

  • Simplify deal management with one-click updates
  • Know the status of every deal by capturing every interaction
  • Share pipeline status and deep analytics to improve operations
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Close Deals Faster with Relationship Intelligence

Find the best path to the introduction that will create or close a deal. Affinity’s algorithm assesses and analyzes every relationship to identify the right connection.

  • Find the right connection with relationship scores based on real interactions
  • Unify your team’s collective network in one place automatically
  • Reach beyond your team with Affinity Alliances
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Why our customers love Affinity

“We use Affinity to stay on the same page and hold each other accountable. It’s been a game changer for collaboration.”

Jocelyn Goldfein
Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners