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Every deal team member plays a vital role in your firm’s success. Your CRM can be a vital tool in aiding collaboration. But needing team members to stay logged in and monitoring your CRM to gain value from it shouldn’t be a requirement.

Affinity’s relationship intelligence engine ensures that everyone from an analyst to a managing partner can easily access the firm’s shared network and key deal insights to deliver value in their roles—all while keeping their workflows intact and working from their everyday tools.

Explore the benefits by keeping your entire team plugged into your relationship intelligence CRM, it increases the value of your deal data and shared network of relationships.

Associates & juniors: The value of a thorough engagement history

A complete record of team activity and opportunities gives stakeholders rich context essential to driving deals forward. It ensures that deals and your firm’s brand are not tarnished by the crossed wires that occur with an incomplete picture. But manually tracking this information is a time-consuming process with a high risk for error.

Affinity provides the clarity to accurately track and take action on your best opportunities with a full engagement history provided for all users when they initially sync their emails and calendars. You can integrate VoIP and messaging apps to get even more granular insights on interactions. With activity data across all outreach channels collected and analyzed in one place, you’re able to efficiently understand which methods of engagement produce the best results. Team members can provide notes and attach files to keep records thorough at every deal stage, and easily spot if someone is already working a deal.

Engagement records, notes, and files stay with company and people profiles - ensuring that you’ll always have the historical context needed regardless of employee cycles.

Affinity Pathfinder provides a direct connection between your CRM, browser, and emails, so your team can capture new insights and update deals in the moment and at the source — whether it be an email on new company financials, or market updates from a founder’s LinkedIn — and keep moving efficiently with no risk of lost data.

With Affinity Analytics, automated activity reports allow leadership to track deal teams against KPIs, or identify trends that may be useful in developing strategies across outreach, marketing, and other deal flow driving activities.

Partners & senior teams: The value of your low-touch users

Senior team members are the least likely to be heavy CRM users, and most likely to provide the highest value to your CRM for your team’s deal process. With expansive networks and a consistent focus on building new connections and improving the firm’s brand - their relationships and networks are the most important to track and use to help source future deals.

Once a partner is added to Affinity, their entire network is unlocked and analyzed, giving your entire team immediate access. Every relationship is then scored based on frequency, cadence, and type of engagement.
This helps junior team members quickly identify the best partner for warm introductions, with no need to message all partners and await their determination. As more interactions occur and relationships evolve across your team, scores will continue to update, so every team member is always empowered to make impactful outreach on high quality deals, faster.

Affinity Pathfinder then ensures that senior team members can take action on critical deal data gathered by your team from anywhere with no CRM login required. Whether reviewing emails before a meeting, or adding founders they’ve met at an event to a lead list for the team to research before the competition can, Pathfinder provides simple access to the information your leaders need to effectively support your firm’s deal flow.

“Affinity keeps everybody on the same page — whether they are in the same office or halfway around the world…The platform allows us to collaborate transparently and ensures we operate efficiently.”

Sam Campbell
Global Venture Operations Manager & Investor, Samsung Next

Platforms teams: The value of complete and unified data

Today’s dealmakers require 4+ data sources to evaluate a deal before making a decision. Affinity Analytics combines your team's engagement history with relationship intelligence to give platform teams a richer view of deals.

  • Track win rates by individual, team, region, industry, or other metrics.
  • Analyze fundraising activities and LP engagement to develop investor profiles and facilitate reinvestment in additional funds.
  • Track pipeline and team performance across metrics like: ratio of emails to meetings, deal stage timelines, stage of lost deals, inbound vs. outbound, etc.
  • Track fund performance alongside diversity/ESG goals, and easily visualize this for investors.
  • Track deal source success across your firm and invest accordingly in the best producers.
  • Use your entire team’s network to support portfolio companies and visualize success metrics for founders including introductions made to talent, co-investors, and customers

With every team member’s data aligned in one place, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how you can scale processes that are driving the best results, and where you can best focus your time and resources to address challenges.

You can also integrate additional data resources directly into your profiles and analytics, or export Affinity data including relationship strength scoring and interaction data to in-house analytics systems. Our solutions team is available to help you set up your integrations and custom reports.

External partners: The value of cooperation

The scope and value of your network isn’t limited to internal teams, and oftentimes the best path to a great deal lies outside of your firm's network.

Affinity Alliances allows you to unify networks with your most trusted business allies.

Increase your team’s opportunity to find warm introductions, while simplifying the work that goes into maintaining external partnerships. Associates can connect with non-competitive firms, former colleagues, friends, and mentors who can help them expand their network and access deals. Partners can link up with industry thought leaders, founders, and board members who can open doors to further deals, experts who can support due diligence, or new sources of talent, customers, and investors for portfolio companies.

Quickly build a network capable of supporting all of your firm’s initiatives. Each new Alliance delivers insights into new warm introduction paths to:

  • 4,000 People
  • 800 Companies
Affinity Collaborator Seats enable you to bring relationship intelligence to all of your collaborators.

Accelerate and support the growth of your portfolio companies

  • Find their next game changing hire – Share your talent lists enriched with biographic and experience data
  • Get a head start on their next fundraise – Provide a curated list of investors to whom you can provide introductions
  • Share research and insights for their next phase of growth –Share a list of enriched company lists to support prospecting, partnership, and m&a

Deliver collaborative experiences that drive repeat fundraising, referrals, and co-investing

  • Take the work out of keeping your LPs up to date – Provide a real-time view into your deal pipeline and deal lists
  • Provide confidence about where and how you deploy capital – Share specific thematic lists or priorities like industry investments or ESG commitments
  • Share evolving insights with co-investors and advisors –Share your opportunity lists where you track real-time progress throughout an engagement

Get started today and maximize relationship intelligence across your firm

Having all of your deal team members plugged into your Affinity CRM ensures that your data remains comprehensive and current, allowing you to set strategy and meet the challenges of today’s market supported by the most dynamic deal data available.

"I think private equity, investment banking, and venture capital are very much relationship businesses… and, I think without Affinity, new associates and analysts have a much longer learning curve, and it takes them much longer to build a book of relationships.”

Brian Smiga
Managing Partner, Alpha Venture Partners


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