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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your firm need deal flow management software?

Deal flow management software enables your deal team to track every aspect of a deal—including investment opportunities, notes on portfolio companies, fund information, and due diligence. It’s an important tool in a successful firm’s tech stack that enables everything from fundraising to deal sourcing and metrics tracking. Managing pipeline and keeping every person involved in the deal process (from VPs and partners to clients) informed through the whole lifecycle of a deal can keep your firm aligned and able to collaborate. 

The best deal flow management software (especially deal flow management software for VCs) will also do more than just track information. It will give your firm a leg up in the marketplace. Look for solutions that include automation to save time, strong analytics and real-time reporting features to create a positive experience for partners and clients, and relationship intelligence—insight into your team’s network, business relationships, and customer interactions that help you find, manage, and close deals—to fast-track closing your most lucrative opportunities.

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How does relationship intelligence software improve deal flow management?

Relationships shape your business, and using CRM software supported by relationship intelligence gives your team data-driven insights that allow them to make confident decisions based on your most accurate, up-to-date data on the people and organizations in your network. This in turn makes the deal management process easier and makes your team more efficient at not only driving deals but also managing the relationships that support them.

While a basic deal flow management tool like Microsoft Excel can be a good place for a new company or startup to begin, once the deals really begin moving, it’s time to consider a solution with more robust deal flow management functionality that can scale with your business. 

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An intelligent CRM platform not only tracks all of your team’s “data exhaust”—people and organization details automatically pulled from your email, calendar, and meeting invitations—so you’re freed from the drudgery of manual data entry, they also provide insights into your best potential introductions, proprietary and industry partner datasets, and detailed reporting and analytics that give you a complete picture of your entire deal flow management process.

Why are capital market companies investing in dealmaking technology like Affinity for deal flow management?

Financial and professional services teams in industries like venture capital, private equity, investment banking, consulting, and commercial real estate have a lot in common—particularly when it comes to managing deal flow. Deals in these industries are driven by relationships and are long-term commitments to potentially years-long deal processes versus the transactional, short-term sales of traditional sales teams. 

Securing the best deal takes time and rapport which means the software to support them should go beyond a simple deal pipeline view or a manually updated spreadsheet. Capital markets companies are investing in Affinity for deal flow management because it’s a platform purpose-built for relationship-driven dealmaking, not just sales.

Affinity helps capital market firms contextualize relationships and act on always-complete, up-to-date deal and contact data. When you’re managing deal flow with Affinity, your network becomes a competitive advantage.

Why do customers choose Affinity over other deal flow management software?

Affinity CRM is a deal flow management software solution that helps you and your team members manage complex deal flow pipelines by automating manual processes like data entry and contact management. 

When you can consolidate deal flow management, automated data capture, and relationship intelligence in one software solution, your team can focus on driving new deals and nurturing relationships without the risk of losing track of valuable information.

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Why our customers love Affinity

“Affinity helps me solve and track all of my activity and prioritize my time. It makes me a better investor.”

Kyle Lui
Partner, DCM Ventures

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