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How T3 Advisors uses Affinity

T3 Advisors: Empowering the world’s most innovative companies using Affinity


T3 Advisors provides real estate and workplace solutions for the world’s most innovative companies that range from 2–10,000 employees. Their services include tenant brokerage, location advisory, portfolio planning, consultative insights, project management, and workplace strategy. 




Commercial Real Estate



About T3 Advisors

T3 Advisors is a leading commercial real estate firm that helps the world’s most innovative companies with a wide array of real estate services, including finding and procuring space, project management, and business strategy.

T3 Advisors

“With Affinity, my team and I are able to track and nurture all of our firm's most important relationships. In a relationship-driven industry like Real Estate, Affinity has been a game changer.“

Roy Hirshland
CEO & Managing Partner, T3 Advisors

The Challenge

Strong communication is at the heart of T3’s value proposition. Only with strong communication is T3 able to empower its companies for success. As T3 began to scale and work with a broader contingent of customers across the world, it needed a platform to better track its pipeline and manage internal and external communication. It was eager to break down informational silos and ensure that all conversations with clients were transparently tracked and recorded.

The Solution

Initially using SalesforceIQ, T3 decided to adopt Affinity earlier this year. Today, T3 relies on Affinity to organize its pipeline, which includes prospective companies and influencers such as venture capitalists, CEO, investors, and others who can offer its clients additional value.

“Affinity not only organizes what companies we go after, but it also organizes the strategy for how we are going after that,” says Blake Walker, Advisor at T3.

The results have been transformative. Affinity has become essential to ensuring that the approximately 50-person team has full transparency as to where companies are in the pipeline, from the prospecting phase to deal close. This transparency has enabled the team to more effectively develop and coordinate strategies for pursuing prospects.


Strong communication has also allowed the team to avoid duplicative work and unprofessional overlaps in communication, in turn enabling it to focus on what really matters—helping high-growth technology companies tackle their most pressing real estate challenges and empowering them with unparalleled services.



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