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How R/GA Ventures uses Affinity

Affinity helps R/GA fuel the growth of its companies


R/GA Ventures is a investment arm of R/GA helping industry leaders capitalize on disruptive technologies through access to the startup ecosystem.




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About R/GA Ventures

R/GA Ventures is a corporate venture fund launched in 2014 by R/GA, an award-winning digital agency. By capitalizing on strong corporate partnerships and knowledge acquired from working with leaders such as the LA Dodgers and Snap Inc., R/GA Ventures has helped more than 100 startups build their brands and succeed in crowded markets.

R/GA Ventures

“The only value that I can actually control, maintain, and share is my network. Working in a distributed environment and in different companies around the world, if I can have better visibility into my network, I can provide better opportunities to our portfolio and our global clients and partners. At the end of the day, everything comes down to people and the relationships you have with them.”

Dylan Boyd
New Programs Development, R/GA Ventures

The Challenge

R/GA is laser-focused on helping its clients and partners increase innovation and market traction. In order to connect its companies with the right experts to fuel growth, R/GA Ventures leverages its vast network, which spans across the world and involves not just R/GA, but all of its clients and customers.


The Solution

Affinity has empowered R/GA Ventures to gain a deeper understanding of its network. Affinity’s People Dashboard provides the global team with a holistic view of its network, enabling it to effectively source new relationships in existing and emerging networks. The entire team has complete visibility into where relationships have transpired and where future opportunities exist. Affinity’s filters enable the team to understand the composition of its network at a granular level. Using filters, the team is able to effectively track deal flow by location, industry, sector, and more, and ensure that it is sufficiently diversified and primed for continued growth. “Affinity gives us a view into a place that a lot of people don’t have,” says Dylan Boyd, Director of New Programs Development at R/GA Ventures.


Affinity’s privacy safeguards were especially fundamental to R/GA Ventures’ decision to adopt Affinity. As a corporate venture fund that is involved in sensitive discussions, the ability to have public visibility into where relationships exist but, at the same time, sufficient privacy when it comes to the specifics of the conversations is critical. As the team expands its footprint, it will continue to turn to Affinity as a key means of maintaining a competitive advantage, all with the confidence that its data is protected.



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