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IEG Investment Banking Group is a leading, global investment banking boutique that specializes in mid-cap transactions in the technology sector. Based in Berlin, the 80-person team runs a global operation, with offices in India, China, and the US.




Investment Bank


The challenge

Prior to adopting Affinity, IEG used RelateIQ as its CRM. After RelateIQ was acquired by Salesforce, the platform became too complex and inhibited IEG from clearly understanding its relationships with key partners. It turned to Affinity to better understand the nature and strength of its relationships across its global teams.

IEG Investment Banking Group

"Our clients want to know that we have key access to decision-makers. We’re able to show them this by showing them the core of our CRM system—Affinity. It’s about being honest and truthful—that is what matters to clients."

Mirko Heide
Managing Director

The solution

In the investment banking sector, advisors are selected not only for securing a desirable purchase price but, moreover, for knowing which prospective purchase partners are the right fit. When clients approach IEG, they want to be assured that it has established strong relationships that will set them up for success.


The results

Thanks to Affinity, IEG is able to clearly showcase the depth of their network. Unlike other banks that simply display a slide with logos of who they know, IEG proves the relationships by opening up Affinity. There they show a list of potential buyers with the lineage of communication and IEG’s team’s relationship scores automatically tracked in the system.


Relationships are critical in the investment banking sector. Yet, so often, these relationships are a black box, unknowable to anyone but the person that made the connection. By showcasing to its client that it has the network to open the right doors, IEG is able to forge not only trust but also a sustainable competitive advantage.



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