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Enriched, auto-captured data speeds decision-making at Founders Intelligence

Founders Intelligence relies on Affinity's relationship intelligence to quickly access data points that serve as proxies for startup success.

About the client

Since 2013, Founders Intelligence has provided insight from and connections to leading entrepreneurs, founders, and investors to support growth strategies, capabilities improvements, and revenue line and venture building to clients across fifteen industries, including financial services, retail, and consumer products.






Founders Intelligence helps large organizations define growth strategies and build new revenue lines, often through connections to and strategic partnerships with growing startups. The firm leverages its position as a well-connected hub in the European tech ecosystem to provide advice on funding as well as project strategy, execution, and guidance.


Building the perfect shortlist—a hyper-targeted list of companies that might meet a client’s needs—is a key differentiator for firms like Founders Intelligence, which needed an efficient way to assemble those lists, convey their insights to clients, and build their valuable intellectual property into a proprietary database.

Founders Intelligence

“Affinity helps us quickly map the market and startup landscape by giving us access to data points that serve as proxies for success.”

Strategy Consultant, Founders Intelligence

Gathering a comprehensive list of prospective companies that meet all the right criteria is a group effort among the project team; the final list is shared within the firm
to begin outreach.


“We regularly review a large number of organizations,” says Sebastian de Lange Kofoed, a strategy consultant on the Founders Intelligence team. “When the team starts a review by building a list of 80% of a given market, tracking which companies we’ve eliminated and which we want to continue evaluating is both crucial and time-consuming, and we don’t want to duplicate work.”



Founders Intelligence uses Affinity to accelerate shortlisting. The platform quickly shows them whether a startup meets the criteria they’ve established and is therefore worth reaching out to.


“Affinity helps us quickly map the market and startup landscape by giving us access to data points that serve as proxies for success, such as funding numbers, investor histories—even company locations.”


Narrowing their initial pool to a midsize list involves another layer of filtering. Because the platform is flexible enough to handle data about any topic, the strategy team is able to combine these funding-related indicators of startup success with additional data using Affinity’s custom columns feature.

Founders Intelligence

“We can easily build our own columns for data so we can customize lists to include third-party data such as CB Insights, PitchBook, and private benchmark reports.”

Strategy Consultant, Founders Intelligence

“We have to shorten our lists because we don’t have time to talk to everyone. Affinity helps us use our time wisely,” notes Kofoed. Using standardized taxonomies with categories like “sub-industry” or a custom ranking system to gut-check a company’s relevance makes
narrowing the lists even easier.


From there, Founders Intelligence turns to Affinity’s relationship scoring, which identifies who on their team will have the most success reaching out to the startup, and who at the startup to contact.



Founders Intelligence is now able to consolidate their market research, deal flow management,
information on tech trends, and funding data on a single platform. In addition, using Affinity for any of their projects involving VCs and startup sourcing has allowed them to:

  • Automate the data collection required in the research phase.
  • Leverage relationship intelligence to efficiently find the right new contacts.
  • Collaborate on opportunities lists.
  • Get more warm introductions by understanding the relationships between their team and prospective leads.
  • Closely monitor their deal pipeline and forecast new business, from source and sponsor through to contact, proposal, and close.

Download this case study to share with your team, and reach out to info@affinity.co to learn how Affinity can free your team from the drudgery of manual contact data entry, lead you to warmer introductions, and help you make better informed business decisions.

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