How Affinity has become a source of truth for Firstminute Capital


Firstminute is an early-stage venture fund located in London. 




Venture Capital 



About Firstminute Capital 

Firstminute Capital is a $100M VC seed fund backed by a wide range of entities, including 30 unicorn founders, large corporate institutions, entrepreneurial family offices, and CIOs of billion dollar investment funds. The breadth of Firstminute’s network allows it to provide deep expertise to its portfolio companies.


Connectivity is in our mission statement as a fund. We like to see our networks at the center of an ecosystem, which is very much aligned with Affinity’s value proposition.”

Sam Endacott
Investment Analyst

The Challenge

In contrast to many other VC firms, Firstminute is a founder-driven fund, rather than a sector-driven one. Its portfolio companies span a wide range of sectors and are located all over the world. With such a far-reaching networking, Firstminute decided it needed a way to keep better tabs on its network. After evaluating Affinity alongside several other CRM tools, Firstminute ultimately chose Affinity for its integration features, deep tracking functionality, versatility, and ease-of-use. The team immediately gravitated towards Affinity's deep focus on relationship intelligence.

The Solution

Affinity has provided Firstminute with a single source of truth. It has allowed it to gain a stronger pulse on its broad network. This extensive, global network has, historically, been very difficult to track. “Having all the documents and information in one place without having to clamp around on different systems is really valuable. Affinity is a massive time saver and enables us to be super-efficient," says Sam Endacott, Investment Analyst at Firstminute.

Affinity also allows Firstminute to understand the strength of its relationships at a granular level. "It's important to know who is sending us good deal flow and who is not. Affinity provides visibility, allowing us to know whom to improve relationships with and who is plugged in with what we are doing," says Sam.

Firstminute prides itself on its ability to leverage its extensive network and provide value to its network in the form of mentorship and strategic advice, and Affinity will act as a powerful source-of-truth so they can better understand their network and identify the most lucrative opportunities.



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